A whizz around the High Street for a dress, some boots, jewellery, jeans and most importantly, chocolate!



Boden coat, Nike trainers, Kate Spade bag, Gap trousers, Topshop jumper

There are a few very non specific things that I would like to share with you today. Things that keep on popping in to my head that I keep meaning to write about and then I forget. So here goes

These GAP skinny high rise jeans (£44.95) are a must have in the run up to Christmas. Once they’re on they don’t shift. There’s no hoiking them up, needing a belt or wriggling around. And if you do happen to have been left a little extra flesh curtesy of a baby, you can tuck it right in. Mine aren’t as loose as this on the leg but I guess that’s models for you!

Upselling is really annoying. After Clarks tried to flog us wellies and slippers that we didn’t need, today BHS tried to flog me a teddy bear that I didn’t need, or want. In fact it was impossible to move at the till for flippin’ Teddy Bears. And they were hideously ugly. Chocolate, maybe (in fact come to think of it, that often works in WH Smiths) but a Teddy Bear. Really?

This Phase Eight dress (£79) is a really great dress for lots of different occasions. The sleeve length is flattering as is the length of the hem. It has some texture to it so it’s slightly broken up and the ruching works. It’s a great “dress up – dress down” type of dress – create the illusion of a V-neck with a long pendant, wear with bright shoes, metallics will work well as will sparkles, dress it down with knee boots and a long line cardi, layer a striped top underneath it and wear with flat pointy shoes. The option are endless!

This Kate Spade bag (£245) is a real beauty. I was looking at it in Selfridges today and was intrigued to know whether a bottle of Diet Coke would fit into it. So I took a quick look inside and thought about it. Then I concluded that there was quite a strong chance that they wouldn’t really appreciate me shoving a bottle of coke into a brand new bag, especially given that I’m not always that great at putting the lid on securely. So I’ll put it on my Christmas list and ask Mr SG to check out that very point instead.  Te-he.

Can anyone please tell me why it is that I like these Adirondack boots by Ugg (£220)? They are so not me but they just look so sturdy and warm and comfortable and they are sheepskin lined (I copped a feel earlier). I can see that I’m going to have to drag our son kicking and screaming to more rugby training just so that I have an excuse to buy them and wear them. Although I must admit that standing on a rugby pitch, just so that I can wear a particular pair of boots is a little extreme, even by my standards.


This range of jewellery by Z for Accessorize is really lovely. Not everyone is a glitter bunny or a statement necklace queen and there are some lovely delicate pieces in this collection which could be layered together or worn on their own. It’s reasonably priced too so would make a lovely Christmas present. Worth a look despite the shocking images!


Bracelet (£15)



Galaxy trio pendant (£15)

Hope that everyone’s week is going well. I’ve made a great start to Christmas – a pink sequin tree decoration and a huge chocolate Christmas tree from Hotel Chocolate. Well, I figured that some families spend a fortune on joints (of the meat variety) at Christmas but we’ll just spend it on chocolate instead. Oh and if children of mine are reading this, hands off, you’re having Cadburys.

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