A sparkly skirt, shiny shoes and a silver bag for a day in the shops…

Boden jacket, Warehouse jumper, Topshop skirt, Dune shoes, Oushka bag, H&M necklace


When a friend and I were out running last night we were talking about clothes. I know. Shock horror, can you imagine that?  Amongst many topics we discussed, we were talking about how re-working older pieces with newer bits and bobs can make all the difference.  


Today I was working with a lovely lady for a third time. Knowing what a fan she is of all things sparkly, I wore this navy sparkly skirt which I bought from Topshop last year. It’s not old but not new either, so it sits somewhere in the middle. However I have had the navy Boden jacket for about four years now and the Warehouse navy jumper with sparkly shoulders, for even longer. The Dune shoes are new this winter as is the (much used) silver bag – so it really was a case of mixing something old with something new and a few bits in between. 

I knew that it wouldn’t be long and at last the Christmas jumpers have started to arrive in the stores. The Primark ones have been around for a while and I love the one in the men’s section with the built in Santa belly. However luckily it’s just been pipped to the post on my list of “Desirable Christmas Jumpers” by this Warehouse sequin Robin jumper (£42). I know that there are Christmas jumper detractors but I LOVE them and anyone who doesn’t is, and I know I’m going out on a limb here, is a misery pants.

When I was getting dressed this morning for some reason my printed scarves from the last few years just didn’t appeal to me. I’m not sure what it was and no doubt they will again but I think that it’s because secretly I’m harbouring a desire for a fur scarf. The trouble is that most of the ones that I have seen in magazines have been hugely expensive but then I came across this one in  Next (£20) and somehow everything just fell into place. So that’s one for the Christmas list then.

I’m back in the shops again tomorrow and for the rest of the week so I’ll keep my eyes open for some other gems.

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  1. Avenue 57
    November 6, 2014 / 2:22 pm

    You look ace Beth and I can't stop lusting after that Robin jumper!

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