Updating a piece from last winter with bits and bobs bought over the summer…

Jack Wills shirt, Dune boots, New Look jeans, Topshop T-shirt, Accessorise bracelets.

As I think is pretty obvious, I don’t do glamour in Wales. Not that it’s not a glamourous place – far from it – have you seen Catherine Zeta-Jones, or Katherine Jenkins, or Catherine Middleton? (OK so she’s not strictly Welsh, in fact she’s quite possibly not Welsh at all but she’s married to the Prince of Wales’ son and she lived on Anglesey for a while). No, it’s just that a) I am always under instructions to “pack light” which means that everything has to work together and b) we tend to be walking on the beaches, lighting fires, crabbing off the pier and chilling at home, so heels and dresses don’t really fit into my lifestyle over here.

Now let’s face it, a checked shirt is never going to set the world on fire but checks are a huge trend this season – from scarves to shirts, to coats and even shoes. Here are a few of my favourite checked pieces this season:

Warehouse checked cape £30 which I really like as it’s a relatively inexpensive way of adding something to your wardrobe which is warm, practical and which will give a lift to an existing jeans/coated jeans and boots type outfit.

This Jigsaw cropped checked shirt (£59) is 100% cotton and comes in burgundy, which is having a huge revival this season, or blue. Easy to wear with black, blue or grey, it’s a nice alternative to a denim shirt for a weekend look – especially for those who aren’t fans of double denim.

And at New Look there’s this orange checked scarf for £9.99 which I first spotted on a friend who was out watching the half marathon. She observed that only I would notice a scarf after 11 miles, the last of which was uphill, but it was so lovely and I was so desperate for a distraction from the discomfort that it was a welcome sight (as of course, was she.)

And the orange scarf sort of leads me on to this beautiful orange sky which greeted me a couple of mornings ago, having been woken earlier than I would like to have been by the youngest.

All of which completely misses the point of this post which was to talk about how things that you may have added to your wardrobe over the summer, can be used to re-work pieces that you may have had last winter.

In the above photo I’ve added in my favourite Topshop yellow T-shirt and a stack of bright bracelets from Accessorize, both of  which pick out the colours in the shirt. It’s not revolutionary but it’s worth having a rifle through your wardrobe, taking out something that was OK last winter but perhaps not quite as it should have been and see what else you can add to it to make it work a little better – or in a different way. Just a thought for a rainy afternoon!

I love this jumper which I’ve seen on several people. I think that there’s something wonderful about wearing a jumper with 1970 written on it….unless like me you happen to have been born in that year – in which case it’s not necessarily something that I would choose to advertise.

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