Some lovely Jigsaw staples – and what does Jeremy Clarkson know about anything?!

Firstly thank you so much to those of you who have donated to Cancer Research UK via my Just Giving page. I am so grateful to you and totally over emotional about the whole thing, to the point that I will probably drag my way around the half marathon course like a heaving, snotty, blubbering wreck – which let’s face it isn’t really going to help anyone. So thank you for your support.

As to Thursday’s event at Jigsaw (a store which was first introduced to me at law school in Chester in 1991 and I’ve been a fan ever since, so it was heaven for me to be working there) we had a fantastic time and thank you to those of you who came.  I didn’t manage to take any photos so instead I’ve pinched the top pic from twitter. I managed to take the quick snap of the lovely labels above which were written out by one of the girls who works in the store. Apparently she used to do them all the time for the cakes in her parent’s café in Kent which was good because had I done them, they would have looked like the work of our six year old.

[People ie Jeremy Clarkson (if you can call him a person) like to slate Birmingham but one thing that we do have is a beautiful Jigsaw. And let’s face it, what more do you need in a City?]

We had lots of ladies there plus fizz, canapés and a raffle in support of Edward’s Trust an incredible local charity which supports bereaved families; parents who have lost children and children who have lost parents. They offer counselling, holistic therapies and retreats. I went to a garden party last summer and observed the artwork of bereaved children both before, and after, counselling. Let’s just say that too resulted in tears. What is it about having children that turns you into an emotional wreck?!! 

For the event I wore all Jigsaw clothes – partly my own and partly borrowed. To start off with I chose these metallic shoes – Jigsaw (£149). I have to say that they are possibly the most comfortable high heeled shoes that I have ever worn.  When I read about them, I saw that the outside was made of kid suede and the inside was kid leather – which probably explains their softness.

For anyone who struggles with finding high shoes that are comfortable I would definitely recommend trying these. Speaking from experience, one pair of comfortable heels, especially metallic ones which will go with everything, are far better than 5 cheaper pairs of shoes which are crippling.

I also wore this silk front batwing top Jigsaw (£79) which was lovely. As it has a band around the waistband, there’s a little bit of “overhang” of fabric just above it which is sufficient to accommodate any other type of “overhang” that might be going on in the tummy department. Perfect for a meal out. And the batwing isn’t really batwing at all, just in case anyone steers clear of them either to avoid connotations of a 1980s type, or because they have a larger bust. I would go so far as to say that this is my perfect black top.

I also wore the Jigsaw woven riding leggings (£79) which are great. Thick, supportive, with a decent rise and tight but in a good way, rather than a scary way.  

And finally I wore the large stone drop pendant Jigsaw (£49), albeit with a slightly different coloured stone and which sparkled when it caught the light.


For anyone on the look out for some good staples, I can definitely recommend the shoes, top and trousers. For anyone on the look out for anything else, there are some fantastic pieces from the clutch bags to the jewellery, from the cashmere hoodies to the lace party dress, the pleated skirt, the black fur swing jacket (yes lovely friend, your husband had great taste in buying that for you for Christmas – didn’t he do well?!!!) to the check coat and the cropped striped sweatshirt. Jigsaw is a very tempting place right now.


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