From double denim to double fur – from Zara and Whistles


Today seemed to be the perfect temperature to wear this Zara fur (sleeveless) coat that I bought last year. I’ve been holding off from wearing anything that was too wintry but the temperature suddenly dropped this morning.

Keeping in tone with the navy/black colour combo I wore it with a Cos roll neck jumper, navy Cos trousers and some furry (actually I think the technical term is pony skin) loafers from Whistles which I bought with the 25% Grazia discount a few weeks ago – although they don’t seem to be online anymore.  It was great until I actually got into the shops, at which point I was baking.

A lovely friend of mine bought these flowers for me a couple of days ago and I just thought that they would be nice to share with everyone on these darker, colder days. Hope that you all enjoy them….

Did anyone else hear India Knight on Woman’s Hour this morning? I had a client coming down from Durham today so I was heading towards the shops slightly later than usual. India was talking about her new book which is all about with growing older.


One of her tips was not to be too thin as it makes people look Simian like. Wondering to myself whether I looked slightly monkey like (short hair and no longer with the chubby cheeks I sported as a child/teenager, although fortunately without the ears that my Dad has) and what with my furry number too, I decided that it was a distinct possibility. And then as I went down the ramp into the car park a huge monkey appeared on the screen in front of me. And you know what, I decided that it was like looking in a mirror, which made me laugh – a lot. I’m surprised that I wasn’t whisked away….to the zoo.


  1. Sue Wilty
    October 22, 2014 / 10:23 pm

    Hate to disappoint you but you don't look cheeky monkey ish in the least! Love the furry coat!

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    January 13, 2017 / 3:13 am

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