Checking out some checks and a special invitation…

For those of you with your eye on the ball, or your ear to the ground – or just if you’ve been out shopping really – you can’t but fail to notice that checks are everywhere.

Checks can have connotations all of their very own, depending on their size and colour way. From picnic blankets to Rupert bear, we’ve heard it all before and do we care? Hmmm, maybe, particularly if they’re plastered across one’s thighs, other than that? Nah!

Typically I’m starting with a coat that isn’t even checked. It was written about in the press over the summer and I saw this wool blend coat in & Other Stories (£145) a few weeks ago now. Predictably the pink jumped out at me and I think that it was this coat that started me down the road of checks. This one wasn’t right a) because it’s not checked and b) the lack of joining up in the stripes department would drive me nuts – but I still like it.

Then I came across this checked coat in Warehouse (£95). Having spent a lot of time in the stores recently, it keeps jumping out at me. Pink and grey are a lovely combination and this coat would add a nice touch against darker winter clothes.

And then yesterday whilst working in M&S I came across this checked coat (£139). I spotted it from a distance across the store and went for a closer look. As they only had it in a size 20 or 22 I didn’t think that I would get a true representation of what it would be like on me so instead I ordered it to our local store and I’ve just had the email through to say that it’s been received. So guess where I’m off in a mo?!


The checked capes that are around can be harder to wear. The proportions need to be right and there is the danger that they will swamp but there is something that I find very appealing about them. For a start you could wear a million thick jumpers under them and there would be no issue about not being able to get your arms down the sleeves of your coat.  There’s also something a bit “swishy” and dress like about them, even if they’re being worn with jeans and boots. I keep gravitating towards this one from Warehouse (£30).



For anyone unsure about a whole garment made of checks, there are some great scarves around this season. I love the colours in this River Island coral blanket scarf (£22), which also comes in different colour ways. And Mango has more check scarves than you could even begin to imagine. Use one as a way of giving a new lease of life (otherwise known as tarting up) an older coat which needs a bit of va-va-voom.



Tomorrow I am spending the day in John Lewis who are kindly lending me some outfits for an event I am styling next week (invitation to follow shortly) but for now, here’s the official Jigsaw invitation for the event we are running at the Birmingham store this Thursday. Please drop me an email at if you would like your name adding to the guest list. We’ll have a 10% discount on the night and a chance to win a Jigsaw gift card for £100. I’ll be covering lots of different looks and with fizz and canapés on offer, I think we’ll have a ball. For those of you who have already responded, I look forward to seeing you there.




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