A few old favourites….plus some new(er) trainers

I was shopping all day yesterday and after my race the day before, I decided that my toes needed  a little bit of tlc. Oddly nothing really ached afterwards – keeping on the move definitely seemed to help – but nonetheless I wasn’t convinced that six hours of heels would have been a good idea.

Sometimes firm favourites are a good place to start for an outfit and whilst these don’t quite fall into the category of clothes that I’ve had since our (nearly) sixteen year old was a baby, they’ve been around for a good few years now.

So starting with the trousers, these wide leg ponte fabric trousers from Jigsaw are five years old now, the Oasis cream leather jacket must be about the same and the Topshop blouse too. My Marc Jacobs handbag was a 10th wedding anniversary present, so that’s nearly 6 years old now. The newest addition are the Stan Smith trainers – comfortable to the end! So it’s not always about new things – not at all – rather it’s more about buying pieces in shapes that never really date. Not high fashion, just good quality staples.

And whilst we’re on the subject of washing – which I seem to have been of late – today I made real progress. That was until I saw 6 year olds teacher at the chapel doors just before a Harvest service. “Oh” she said “Your daughter was a star today.” Words which always start the bells ringing. “She tripped whilst carrying her lunch and ended up with it all in her lap. So then she went to get some more and slipped again. Yes, she was covered in baked beans, cheese, jacket potato and custard.” So guess what’s whizzing around in the machine as I type. One day I’ll get there…

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