The juxtaposition of a smarter jacket with jeans and trainers

Outfit: Mango jacket, Nike trainers, New Look skinny jeans, GAP clutch


Golly I’ve got gremlins in my computer today. Nothing is loading properly, things keep on crashing and it’s all generally a bit of a dog’s dinner but nevermind.


I was in town for most of yesterday working and (as usual) I wanted to be able to dash here there and everywhere.  Compared to shoes, trainers are just a million times more comfortable and I hate my speed being impeded by my choice of footwear, so the Nikes made another appearance.


For something similar, I really like these New Balance 574 pop safari trainers from Schuh (£70) and even more I love their year long returns policy, which is great for those who are indecisive/live a long way from town/need a while to locate their lost receipt. These trainers also come in more muted colours as admittedly these aren’t for the faint hearted.



The Mango jacket that I am wearing was nearly returned several times but now the jacket and I are good pals. It doesn’t get a huge amount of outings but whenever it does, people always comment on it (usually in a positive way!) It just seems to catch people’s eyes and I always find those things really interesting. Whenever I do an event there are always a few things that pretty much everyone, without exception, gravitate towards. Anyway, that aside, I like wearing a smarter jacket with trainers – it’s that whole juxtaposition thing that it so big right now – and more importantly a smarter jacket stops me (well almost) from feeling such a scruffy bum!

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  1. Ekaterina
    September 19, 2014 / 1:08 pm

    love the trainers and the whole outfit looks great!

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