Never, ever again will I wear these…..and looks what’s opening tomorrow!

Never, ever again will I wear these flippin’ skinny jeans. Although I love the feel of them, they constantly fall down and there’s nothing more annoying than having to keep pulling your jeans up. Fortunately my top was long enough not to worry about flashing anything that I shouldn’t when bending over – although I had to keep on checking as it felt as though I was. Having said that, they did only cost £10 from Primark which I was happy to pay as I wasn’t sure whether they were something out of which I would get a lot of wear. However now that they’ve proved themselves….it’s time to ditch them. How bad is that? It’s a good job that clothes don’t have feelings.

However, they will soon be replaced. First on my hit list are the waxed skinny jeans from Boden £69. The reviews of these are brilliant and I am very much looking forward to getting a pair of legs that don’t look anything like my own! I have to say that the main attraction is the high rise on them – belly warmers here we come!

Alternatively I may give the Mint Velvet coated skinny jeans (£79) a try but to be honest, I never really feel like stripping off to try on jeans when I am out shopping, so perhaps I’ll wait and see what the Boden ones are like.

And as for the Primark skinnies – we’ve had some good times but I will happily wave them farewell.

Now, I should add that I spent hours in the shops today and I have a million ideas for blog posts and even more things to show you all but there just isn’t time tonight. However hopefully I will soon be able to do a round up of what’s out and about and what caught my eye. I’m gathering from your emails that lots of you have been on shopping missions of your own, so please do feel free to share any gems that you have come across on your travels. Ooooh and our new Whistles opens tomorrow. Look how exciting is this?!!! (It’s not a bad pic of the coat either, for anyone who wanted a closer look).


  1. Dorothy Camper
    September 4, 2014 / 6:41 am

    I rarely buy cheap jeans for that reasons (though I do have a few pairs of supermarket jeans that I love!). I swear by Boden jeans – such a good fit and so flattering. Lynne x

  2. neppyjane
    September 4, 2014 / 9:33 am

    I love the look of the Gap coated jeans, although I haven't seen them in the flesh yet. And have had similar problems with Primark jeans – great for half an hour, then they gradually slide down….

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