Mustard, mustard, mustard – one way or another it’s going to get you!

This season it’s out to get you. Unless you try really hard, one way or another, mustard is going to feature somehow, somewhere, in your wardrobe. It is literally everywhere. I don’t think I’ve seen a colour come from nowhere and dominate the High Street since brown did it in about 2002/3 (and wasn’t that a season to remember?)

For me it started with a Topshop T-shirt that wasn’t actually mustard at all, but when I was trying to find a jumper in the same colour, I held up a mustard coloured one and you know, it looked OK. Being of a slightly brighter hue it works with black, navy, grey and even purple, plus white. And you know, it’s just nice to have a change.

The jumper in question was the textured sleeve jumper by Warehouse (£36). See how good it looks with denim? And let’s face it, we all have denim don’t we?

This Zara printed T (£19.99) is a subtle way to tap into the colour. Admittedly it’s not so subtle on the 1960’s design but if you like the 60’s trend, it too is a great way to tap into that. Mixing mustard up with other “safer” colours makes it more accessible for those mustard newcomers out there.

The geometric print trousers Zara (£19.99) are also another good way of wearing mustard for those who don’t like the colour next to their face. The print will attract attention to the legs so for anyone with great pins, these could be for you. I also like that it’s mixed up a little with black and white, rather than being a block colour.

These trousers look great on but they do have a couple of small pleats at the waist band (you can see them more clearly on a close up photo on the site.) They do sit pretty flat  and as they’re so high up a jumper would cover them but they won’t to be everyone’s taste. There’s also a top in the same print.

For those who like the comfort blanket that grey offers, mixing mustard with it as in this Boden woven front jumper (£70.31) makes it much easier to wear. The sweatshirt styling and raglan sleeves also keep the look fresh – much more groovy than granny!

And finally I loved this Zara printed shirt (£25.99) so much that I made a special trip into town on Friday to take a closer look. The royal blue works really well with the mustard and being a fan of blue I could imagine feeling happy with this colour combination. Sadly the background was too grey for me but on some else it could look fab. It has small ties up the back but in the grand scheme of things, these are pretty insignificant.

So, is anyone tempted to go there? For many I think that it may well only be a matter of time.


  1. ZoeB
    September 22, 2014 / 12:57 pm

    Don t think this will be a trend I will follow unless it's a minor accessory ! Whatever tone, it sucks all colour from my complexion

  2. Amanda
    September 22, 2014 / 2:50 pm

    I bought a mustard colour from Next a few weeks ago. I love it. Its nice to add new colours to my wardrobe & this seems to work for me. x

  3. Dorothy Camper
    September 22, 2014 / 9:28 pm

    I'm a huge fan of mustard, particularly at this time of year. Love the Warehouse jumper. Lynne x

  4. jim
    October 16, 2014 / 9:55 am

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