Jumpers of the striped, and Christmas, variety!

I’m writing this in the sun, sitting outside a café waiting for someone and I can’t see the screen at all, so I have absolutely no idea what I’m typing – which probably means that it will make way more sense than usual.

I think that there are a lot of us out there who have a bit of a thing for stripes.  Well that is unless you’re my sister. Wide stripes give her migraines so if you’re wearing them, she can’t look at you which is all a bit disconcerting – especially if you happen to be her boss.

I first wore this jumper when on holiday in Guernsey but it’s been too warm to wear it since. Actually it was really hot when we were in Guernsey so why I was wearing it there I have no idea – but what’s new?  I bought it from Reiss in the sale, at a point in time when I felt that it was a reasonable amount to pay and since then I’ve pretty much stashed it away. Here I’m wearing it with Zara boots and Jigsaw jeans, together with my Clover Oushka silver handbag which is now on sale, with 50% off, making it £77.50. I love a metallic handbag as it goes with just about anything. It’s the same with metallic shoes too. Quick and easy styling is definitely what it’s all about.

For anyone after a metallic handbag there’s also this lovely one from Boden. It comes in bright coral too and as someone on the hunt for a bright bag, this is definitely a contender. But we all know what I’m like with my lists of things that I could do with, and things that I actually end up buying. Knowing me I’ll probably end up with the metallic one.

One thing that was on my list and which I didn’t go off piste on, were some navy ankle boots. Given that practically everything that I own I have in navy, I’m not sure why I didn’t have any navy ankle boots but it was a glaring gap (OK, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration – maybe it was more of an amoeba sized gap) which I filled firstly with the Boho boot from Boden

but which I replaced with the Petra style of boot from Dune (£89). These also come in  black, natural and tan for anyone who likes the style but not so much the colour. Our eldest looked at them and said “Oooh I like those, they’re the kind of boots that Harry (Styles) wears. ” Now given that he’s a 20 year old bloke and I’m a 40 plus female, I couldn’t work out whether that was a case for keeping them or not. But I like them, so I am.

I’m not one for embracing Christmas earlier than is absolutely necessary – and certainly not before bonfire night but today I did make one Christmas purchase. Last year I felt bad that our youngest missed out on the Christmas jumpers and ended up with a Primark one from the boys’ section. It wasn’t the Primark bit that bothered me, more the boys bit. So this year, and for once slightly ahead of the game, I’ve been and bought her jumper (also from Primark). And here it is…..

I may also have bought her a “Frozen” t-shirt because who needs to be stylish when you’re 6? Or at any age for that matter. And if you should ever hear that I was seen standing in Primark holding a Frozen t-shirt up against myself to see if it would fit, it was a lie.

You know how you can go orange from eating too many carrots? Well do you think that the same is true of Wotsits? I think that I may have over-dosed on them. Tomorrow’s photos could prove interesting.


  1. Shop Accordingly
    September 29, 2014 / 8:45 pm

    I've had a metallic bag from Boden for a few years, so useful, and agree they go with everything.

  2. Dorothy Camper
    October 2, 2014 / 8:46 pm

    What a fab jumper! I love that Boden bag and I have the boho boots from lat year. Great look, Beth. Lynne x

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