Aldo espadrilles for the last days of summer…

I have half had my eyes out for some decent espadrilles since the start of the summer but had pretty much decided to park them for now and pick the search up again next season.

When they first appeared on the scene I couldn’t get my head around them at all – too much like Cliff Richard in “Summer Holiday” for my liking. Well that and teenage boys in shorts and vest tops. I’m not quite sure where that image came from but it was one that I definitely couldn’t shift.

Anyway, then I came across some Penelope Chilvers ones whilst on holiday in Guernsey and my view towards them started to change. The problem was that whilst they were pretty, they were hugely uncomfortable. They weren’t lined on the inside, so it was like walking on a straw bale. They were also deathly flat and I don’t really do deathly flat – there just too much cankle going on for that.  


But then when I was in House of Fraser the other day, I happened upon these espadrilles – the Aldo Fesien (£65). Initially I balked at the price but then I tried them on and I started to get it. They’re made of leather so much harder wearing than the canvas or fabric ones that I have come across. But most of all they had a 3cm height sole, which stopped me from feeling as though my bum was scraping on the ground. And oddly, on researching espadrilles further, very few of the Dune, KG, Steve Madden or Bertie ones are in the sale, which is slightly odd.

They come in this black hair finish….

…as well as these gold snake print ones which I am wearing above…. 

….and these rather lovely leopard print ones…


Initially I was slightly concerned about the sizing. The size 5 was great on one foot but a little snug on the other, so I brought them home wore them around the house for a while, put some shoe trees them over night and today they were a great fit. Being such soft leather, they have given slightly so the risk paid off (this time). We’ve all had those occasions when it hasn’t!

Anyway, I suspect that I won’t get much wear out of them this summer but they will be ready and waiting for me next summer. I won’t pretend that they will go with everything but they are probably more versatile than I might initially think. I’ll pretty much wear them in the same way as converse – so with skinny jeans, shorts, wide jeans and possibly the right casual dresses and skirts.

And for those who don’t need the assistance of a slightly built up heel a la Tom Cruise, there’s these fab Enzo Angiolini alternatives on sale in House of Fraser, reduced from £60 to £15 – and they come in half sizes. If I had the legs I would so go for these! I’ve searched online and don’t seem to be able to find them so perhaps they are in store only – or perhaps they’ve all been shipped to Birmingham but here’s a link to a better pic for anyone who fancies taking up the search.


  1. Sue
    September 5, 2014 / 10:19 pm

    I paid a little more for my Manebi suede ones – so incredibly soft but so very worth it. Like you, I bought them late in the year so I hope to be making the most of them early next year.

  2. Ellie
    September 6, 2014 / 9:08 am

    Images of teenage boys in shorts and vest tops? You are about the same vintage as me and I can tell you where that image comes from…. your teenage years and Wham! Espadrilles were the favoured footwer of old George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley for while!!!

  3. Arthurs mum
    September 6, 2014 / 7:34 pm

    Ooh lovely shoes! They look great with the navy x

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