A very naughty Whistles purchase….

Everyday autumn/winter dresses are tricky, tricky, tricky. Unless they’re really thick, even the wool ones aren’t warm enough for me so I’m cold in them – and they can be a bit itchy. And the silk/viscose ones are as thin as tissue paper and I need two layers under them, two layers over them, and it’s all a bit of a dog’s dinner really.

A fur dress might offer me the warmth that I need but I would probably look slightly odd in it. A leather one might be good too – but I might just look like a chair or sofa and someone would probably try and sit on me. Neoprene works for wet suits but to be honest I’ve never been convinced when it comes to “proper” clothing. However thick (soft) denim – aha, now we’re talking!

My mistake was trying this dress on because as soon as I did, I was hooked! It was warm, soft and comfortable. The sleeves were a good length, the skirt was a good length and I liked the shape of the skirt part of the dress.

I first spotted this Hannah utility dress from Whistles (£*) online a few weeks ago now. It then appeared in our local store but only in larger sizes. However the lovely girls there nipped over to Selfridges, picked up my size, whizzed it back to the store and held on to it for me until the Grazia offer started a few days later.  Now that’s pretty impressive service.



The reason for so many pictures of me wearing it (note that one was taken on a sunny day and one on a not so sunny day)? To justify its very existence in my wardrobe. I’ve worked out that I probably need to wear this dress every day for about the next five years to justify buying it – which could prove problematic when it comes to trying to offer new outfit ideas to people. But hey ho, I’ll just need to get inventive.


(£*) I haven’t included the price of this dress because my Mum reads my blog and if she had any idea just how much it cost it wouldn’t be good for her health – and whatsmore she would probably chase me with a wooden spoon and give me a whack.


  1. Anonymous
    September 27, 2014 / 6:38 am

    Gorgeous – I love the pockets. Worth every penny! What colour tights and shoes are you wearing – I can't tell if they're navy or black. I've had a couple of a denim dresses very similar to this and can never decide what looks best ….

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