Last holiday outfit!

Yesterday we had to leave our accommodation at 9.30am and as our flight wasn’t until 3pm, we had a little bit of time to spare so we spent it in the most productive way possible in Guernsey, which was by visiting several tea rooms. By 11am we had, between us, consumed bacon sandwiches, sausage sandwiches, chocolate brownie, lemon cake – and that was just at our first one. Two tea rooms later and we were fit for nothing but sitting on an aeroplane.


The clouds were stormy but the weather brightened up which I was pleased about because my sister and her family are still camping on the island. Oh and that was another of the “stories behind the Instagram pictures.” They too were meant to arrive last Saturday but the ferry they were crossing on had a huge hole in its side as a result of being bashed on a rock when coming to the island a couple of weeks ago, so they couldn’t make it until three days later – which meant less time for us to spend together. Boo.


For travelling home I opted for Next harem pants which, in the words of the great fashion guru Mr SG “Could be quite chavvy, especially if they had a stripe down the side.” To which he had a two word response of “Croc wearer.” Layering is also good for me, particularly when travelling (the air con wars in the car were about to re-commence on hitting the mainland) so I wore a bright Topshop T-shirt, layered underneath a GAP sweatshirt. I carried the GAP hat to avoid it getting squashed and my star clutch was with me just because we needed cash for said bacon sarnies/sausage sarnies/ cakes etc at the tearooms. I’m quite attached to my Jigsaw slip on trainers now so they too featured.

And here are a couple of typical Guernsey views – well that and the nudist beach but I think we’ll leave those kind of shots off the blog for now. Cute little fishing boats…..

….and lots more cute little fishing boats. Lovely from a distance but that’s where I’ll keep them I think. I had enough fun going to haul lobster pots out of the water in a tiny, rocking, fishing boat when I was a kid, thanks. Maybe that’s where my fear of being eaten by a shark comes from….

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  1. Susan Woodhouse
    August 3, 2014 / 10:37 pm

    I have really enjoyed following your holidays adventures.Sue xBestfriendstyle

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