Casual in Hobbs heels and New Look jeans


This morning I nearly relented. I very nearly relented. Well in fact I did relent because you wouldn’t normally find me in a soft play area on a Tuesday morning but no, the thing I nearly relented over was wearing winter boots – albeit pale ones. I found them, was about to put them on and then I thought to myself “you’ve got all winter to wear these and people will get sick of seeing them, so wear something different.” That’s the good thing about writing a blog you see, it makes you think about what you’re wearing – well that is until some idiot goes and sells it all and then all you’re left with is a few pairs of jeans and not much else.

Wearing heels to soft play is good though. It’s a bit like wearing them to parent’s evening, or the dentist or the doctors. You see you don’t have to walk far in them but it gives them a chance to make an appearance and for you to feel that you live a slightly glamourous existence, when nothing could be further from the truth. Of course I don’t go in the soft play anymore you understand. Those days are well and truly over. No, instead I act as a PA to our eldest two children, making phone calls to book tickets, get t-shirts for the charity run they’re doing delivered, order new school uniform (not strictly within the PA job description, more the “Mother” description really but I’ll let it sneak in there for now) fill in forms for school trips etc. But it beats the soft play. ANYTHING beats the soft play!

What I’m wearing:  New Look jeans (still some of my favourites, good rise, good price, like the colour, look a bit wrinkly but that’s probably me); GAP t-shirt, Jigsaw jersey jacket (they do these every year and they are fab for this time of year  – now £39 in the sale instead of £49), Hobbs NW3 shoes, ChloBo necklace (thank you Marianna Boutique) and Oushka handbag.


  1. Dorothy Camper
    August 26, 2014 / 9:50 pm

    I've held off with boots for the very same reason. I know if I wear them then that's it until at least April and it's such a long haul. I'm still pinning my hopes on a warm September, misguided as I might be. You look fab. Lynne x

  2. thecoachinista
    August 26, 2014 / 10:04 pm

    You really put a smile on my face with your post, thank you. Feeling rather crap about myself – the kind of day where you look in the mirror and do mental mathematics; "how many more days till 16th of September, first day of school. I can make it, maybe….", the kind of a day where your jeans feel a little snug and it really pisses you off. The kind of a day when it's wet & you wear a totally uninspired outfit of hoodie, rain coat and jeans which leaves you in no doubt that this is going to be a wet autumn…thank you for reminding me that I can totally inspire how I feel if I make a little more of an effort. Love the outfit, besotted with the necklace 🙂

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