La Mandarine Beachwear – so beautiful in this hot weather

A couple of weeks ago now, after I wrote about pretty peasant style tops, La Mandarine Beachwear was introduced to me by a friend in Northern Ireland.  I went along to the site to take a look and, loving what I saw, I asked the owner, Rachel, whether she would like me to write about her newly launched brand. Luckily she didn’t think that was too bad an idea and soon afterwards, a lovely parcel arrived containing several items from the current collection, the contents of which are worthy of a photograph all of their very own.

And inside was a pink sarong (£24) which Rachel kindly gifted to me and which I have used a huge amount whilst I have been away.

Here I’m wearing the Hazel dress (£65) – a pretty beach cover up with an embellished empire line. It has a lovely length to it, roomy bracelet length sleeves and it’s a pretty, light fabric.

I’ve never really been one for beach cover ups, which is not surprising because until last year the weather wasn’t really warm enough to warrant one. However now, I’m thinking that it’s a different matter entirely.

Today it was so, so hot that I wore it again but rather than bothering the children to take photos, I snook off into a cloakroom where I took a couple of snaps. Underneath I’m wearing a Sea Folly halter neck swimsuit.

Rachel also sent through to me this La Mandarine marine top (£59) which is just gorgeous but I didn’t dare bring it away because I knew that I would be tempted to wear it. I could have waited and obtained an image with a higher res but as it’s so beautifully hot at the moment I decided that I would just rather tell you all about La Mandarine now.


Writing about someone else’s passion is always a little bit of a responsibility, so I asked Rachel to let me have a few words about what makes La Mandarine different to anything else that is currently available. This is what she said….


Mandarine beachwear is all hand made in India (Delhi and Jaipur) where the
skills such as hand embroidery and printing are still widely practiced. I use
companies that I have personally met on my trips there, as opposed to large
factories (as my runs are small and I want to have a personal relationship with
the producers). The ethical aspect to fashion production is very important to
me.  I have also tried to stick with cotton and voile fabrics as they can
be washed while on holiday and do not require expensive dry cleaning. I have
tried to keep the price point below competitors.”


So in a nutshell there we have it: ethically handmade beachwear with a good price point which is made in small factories in India. What’s not to love?!



  1. Susan Woodhouse
    July 25, 2014 / 9:01 pm

    You have had an amazing week, really enjoyed following you on insta, love the hazel cover up, will be checking out the website.Sue xBestfriendstyle

  2. Dorothy Camper
    July 26, 2014 / 7:48 am

    Beautiful pieces here. Looks like a great new brand! Lynne x

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