Holidaying in Cornwall – and a footwear (attempted) theft already!

So these next few posts were nearly the posts that weren’t – if that makes sense! I thought that I had left my laptop charger at home which would have been a disaster for some and a relief for many. As it was the charger appeared this morning so I’m raring to go…..having said that, the photos are slow to load and there won’t be any proof reading, so please forgive me. I’m just going to be hitting the button – and quite possibly regretting it!

Yesterday we left nice and early for our trip to Cornwall. We made great progress. In the first hour we had travelled 12 miles. Ho hum.

I was wearing comfortable jersey trousers and a lace top for the long journey and I was soothed by my lovely new sarong that I had with me (there are always temperature wars in the car between myself and Mr SG) which was a gift from Rachel at La Mandarine more of which I will tell you about in a day or so.

So far a lot of what we have been up to I have been posting on instagram (there’s a button at the top left of the page if you would like to follow me there) but the blog is where you can read the story behind the pictures such as…..

How when I took this swimming costume out of the case, I noticed that the padding was missing. Having had three children and having spent approximately 4.5 years of my life breast feeding them, there was no way that I was appearing in this without a little “assistance”. Luckily my running stuff (for some bizarre reason) had some extra padding in so one “boob padding” transplant later, and I was good to go.

Instagram also doesn’t explain that whilst these goggles may be the best in the universe, they leave marks like no others, so that for the rest of the day I have to wear sunglasses.

Nor does it explain how I waited until 2 members of the family were sleeping and 2 were surfing until I ordered this. Yesterday it was attacked by everyone else. Not so much today!

Nor does it let on how I told Mr SG that this parcel, which arrived an hour after we arrived, was an early birthday present from the people at Boden. I so could have got that past him but I confessed that it was actually a skirt that wouldn’t have reached me in time, had I ordered it to our home address.

But the funniest thing of all – and this will appeal to those who know Mr SG – someone tried to nick his crocs on the beach today. They are the flip flop style ones, at least 750,000 years old and he spotted their red (inner) soles on someone else’s feet as he walked off in them. Mr SG gave chase, the bloke kicked them off and he was duly thanked for keeping them warm. Out of all the things to try to pinch eh? The crocs. Brilliant.

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  1. Dorothy Camper
    July 23, 2014 / 7:30 pm

    Lol at the crocs! That's hilarious!!! Why would you?? Have a great holiday. I'm glad you have your charger by the way. Lynne x

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