When is a blazer not a blazer and when is a cardi not a cardi? When it’s a jersey blazer, or a jacket style cardi….


Whilst I realise that from these photographs it looks as though I accepted the offer of Thunderbird on the train to Leeds at 10am yesterday, honestly I didn’t. The slightly tired/barely there make-up look is as a result of a very long, and very lovely, day out with my friend – plus not looking in a mirror since lunchtime.


Anyway, back to the train. Somehow I managed to get myself caught up amongst a stag party of 15 men travelling to Wakefield whose sole intention was to get totally and utterly trollied – hence the offer of Thunderbird at 10am. I have to say that the reveller who apparently drank a whole bottle of gin one evening not so long ago, and who ended up in intensive care for two days as a result, really looked quite good on it – so perhaps I should have accepted the offer of Thunderbird after all.  


For all sorts of reasons I’m a fan of using jersey type blazers, or jacket type cardigans, instead of a more formal blazer, or a traditional styled cardigan.  Whilst in some instances only a really sharp blazer will do, on many occasions they’re not really necessary anymore, particularly given the more relaxed rules in the work place. Equally a soft jersey blazer or jacket style cardi can give a very casual outfit a much smarter/pulled together look than a traditional cardi – so they can have a dual purpose.   


The cotton jersey jacket Jigasaw (£49) is a Jigsaw perennial and usually comes in a couple of colour ways. They are a really useful “roll it up and put it in your bag” type piece, to quote my friend from yesterday, who has one. They’re not currently in the sale but still, they’re not too bad a price. I’ve put several ladies in these jackets and they have found them really useful for many different occasions.



This knitted cropped jacket from Hush (£60) is a lovely piece. It’s quite light weight but definitely warm enough for the summer. I thought that the s/m would be huge on me but it’s not. To me this is one of those interesting pieces which doesn’t necessarily have a lot of appeal as an image but when it’s on a person….

…as seen here (OK, a rather beautiful person I admit!) it takes on a whole different look. That’s so true of many pieces that I come across. Often people think that they look frumpy or boring but when they’re on, they can really come alive. So that’s my tip for the day – try, try, try!

The Jersey blazer Hush (£55) is of a similar ilk to the Jigsaw one – an easy peasy throw it on piece. Great with a big scarf or statement necklace or even under a sleeveless coat.

Again, you can see here how it looks when on a real life person – much better!

The multi-coloured short cardi Hush (£120) is another example of a jacket style cardi. It’s quite short in the body, fuss free and with an interesting neckline. Please do check the sites for up to date prices as they may have changed in between this post being written, and read.

I loved this cotton knit jacket Jigsaw (£110) when I spotted it a few months ago. Sadly it looked pretty terrible on me but on others it would look great. I didn’t fill its shape and with my long arms the sleeve length was all wrong but I still think that it’s a cracking piece – on the right person.

And lastly the hand crochet jacket Boden (£59.40 down from £99) which I am wearing above. I knew that the forecast for Leeds was chilly – and it wasn’t wrong! This suited me down to the ground though. It has a good thickness to it and whilst the reviews are accurate in that it is snug on the arms, that’s just the closeness of the knit, rather than anything else. Anyway, it can’t be that tight as I managed to get a long sleeved top and a sweatshirt underneath it too!



For anyone who hasn’t yet included something like this in their wardrobe, I think that they are an under-rated wardrobe hero and definitely worth investing in. With shorts, jeans, chinos, printed trousers, over dresses and with skirts they can just add that little something extra – or take the sharpness away. Take your pick!


In the above photo I am also wearing printed M&S shoes, Jigsaw boyfriend jeans and the Clover handbag by Oushka which was kindly gifted to me by them. It was the first time that I have used it and it was brilliant. The bag comes with a detachable clutch which is on quite a long strap. This means that you have easy access to your purse/cards/phone etc all just by pulling the clutch out of  your bag with the strap, rather than having to take the bag off your shoulder and delve about in the bottom for everything that has dropped down there. Sometimes the simplest things in life can make all the difference. (Like click and collect from Waitrose for John Lewis cushions……) 

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