Way behind the times in Zara skorts and crossing the line….


Golly, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, largely because I have spent two days out of the last seven at 1D concerts, 1 day with a stinking migraine and the other days in the shops and washing.

Now, anyone who was anyone when it came to fashion was wearing Zara skorts last year, so I am way behind the times. When they were everywhere I felt far too intimidated to wear them but a year later I seem to care a little less (if anyone thinks that I should care more that’s fine!) Then when I saw these in Zara (£19.99) last week thought to myself “Oooh, I’ll take them home and give them a whirl and see what I think.” The fact that they are denim also makes them seem somehow more accessible.

The sun was out this morning and so as I departed on a trip to see my Mum, I chucked them on without really taking a second look. Clearly I didn’t take a look before this photo was taken either, or else I may have tried to have done something about the creases.

Stripes and brogues are always a good bet for me when I’m testing something new and I need the comfort blanket of some reliable staples, just to rein it all in a little.  For info, I am wearing a size 8 and they’re really roomy – most unlike Zara.

The pale pink brogues I bought from Topshop a few summers ago now and for something in a similar colour, these loafers from Topshop (£58) are a good bet. The French Connection jumper was bought in a sale a few years ago now too – but you don’t need me to direct you towards striped jumpers – they are everywhere!

For anyone interested, this is my thought for the day. When it comes to 1D, there’s a fine line between being an interested Mum who sort of learns some of the words so that she sort of knows what’s going on at the concerts rather than standing there like a dis-interested muppet – and being a fan.

My fear is that I’m edging really, really close towards that fine line and it’s not because I wear the face paint (wrong on so many levels) or have the tattoos (ditto) or know ALL of the words (ditto) but as one friend said “it’s your enthusiasm.” And she’s not far wrong. I love going, I even enjoy standing for hours – everyone is so happy, the atmosphere is great, the evenings are warm and balmy and the music is OK. Sadly the fifteen year olds that I accompanied (OK, they were my cover) won’t need me to accompany them next time 1D tour – but I’ve already recruited some friends to accompany me next time – at which point I think that the line will have been well and truly crossed.


  1. Fashion40ish
    June 10, 2014 / 9:42 am

    I think you wear it well. It is such a shame that, after your' hols, you have to come back down to earth with a bump and it is no fun having a migraine. I hope all is well soon. H xx

  2. Jan McIntyre
    June 10, 2014 / 9:43 pm

    Very envious of your pins! Fab look x

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