A white broderie anglaise sweatshirt and musings of a financial nature…

The problem with spending so much time in the shops is that you see so many nice things to buy. And who can resist a broderie anglaise white sweatshirt? Well clearly not me. This one is available at  GAP and costs £34.95 (for anyone interested, it’s 100% cotton). I’m trying not to buy anything else for the summer and once I hit my birthday at the end of July, that definitely signifies the end of summer spending. Well in theory at least.

After last night’s heels I’m back to trainers for the school run plus black Primark coated skinnies which I don’t usually wear in the summer but I fancied doing so for a change. My Kate Spade bag can carry just enough of the essentials without weighing me down and the clashing yellow bag and purple trainers shouldn’t really work but the monochrome background means that I can get away with it – sort of!

When it comes to my wardrobe, I’ve realised that my trouble is that I tire of clothes quite easily and I like to keep changing them, which means that I prefer not to spend too much on any one item. But the problem with that is that in buying a few less expensive items on a fairly regular basis, it is actually easy to spend quite a lot without really realising it.

I’d like to be one of those people who has fewer amazing pieces but first, I would get bored and secondly, anything more than £75, top whack and more likely £40, or £20, for a pair of jeans and £15 for a t-shirt and I would feel guilty. On the other hand, one could quite easily spend a sum equivalent to a Mulberry handbag (well, the sum at which they used sell before some bright spark took over and decided to inflate the prices by 100% with no apparent reason. Hmm, wonder why they’re not doing so well these day. Doh!) and not really appreciate having done so until one sits down and thinks about it.  I’m not sure where that’s taken me but perhaps I’ll give it some further thought, although only after I’ve had my day out in Leeds with my lovely friend tomorrow. To do so otherwise would be premature (if you get my drift).

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  1. Fashion40ish
    June 28, 2014 / 1:52 pm

    I love that sweatshirt. x

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