Time for a new Hush frock!


I was quite excited about wearing my new Lisa dress from Hush (£60) which I had ordered especially for our holiday. It was partly because wearing a new frock is always exciting and partly because it was a little bit different for me. I wouldn’t normally choose an empire line (something to do with having had three children/wearing maternity dresses) but because the fabric beneath the empire line wasn’t too voluminous it didn’t create a bump, or make it look as though I was trying to hide/accommodate one. Well at least I don’t think that it did!

For me the dress worked because it is slightly longer at the back, which for some reason always makes me feel a little bit safer. For info purposes, the one that I am wearing is an xs. One thing that I should say though is that the dress is utterly and totally see through – which I hadn’t appreciated when trying it on.  A really long vest underneath it gave me the extra coverage required.

I’m still really fond of the bright red shoes that I bought from Topshop last year, so it was nice to wear them again, together with my Marc Jacobs clutch. 

One of the many things that I like about the hot weather is planning an outfit the night before – albeit a simple one of shorts and a t-shirt and knowing that’s what I’ll be wearing the next day. No last minute changes of plan due to rain/fog/hail or snow! We currently have a good game going on here which involves Mr SG putting the air conditioning on full pelt and me switching it right down. It’s a bit like the game that we play all winter with the heating, only in reverse. Never let it be said that our household isn’t full-time fun and games!


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