The elusvie boyfriend jeans….not so much a need for head room as a need for thigh room!

Today’s post is about those elusive/relaxed/boyfriend non-skinny, but non/bootleg, jeans for which we are all searching. Thinking about it, why we would want to look like we are wearing a pair of bloke’s jeans I am not sure – but for me it is all about the comfort factor.


Getting a pair with the right amount of slouch, without looking like we have stacked on a few pounds, is pretty near impossible – but it’s all about accepting that it’s a different look.  Skinny jeans with lycra to hold you in are good for creating a leaner silhouette. However, when heading into boyfriend territory, you just have to let it go!


Below I have compared three pairs of jeans that I already owned plus a new pair, to see which fit the slouchy/boyfriend look the best. If, however, someone said that they all looked exactly the same, I wouldn’t be surprised.


So the first pair are the  GAP  real straight, in a dark wash (£44.95). The size that I am wearing are a 26/32. They have the width around the ankle but are probably my least favourite pair for the slouchy look that I am after, although they are great as an alternative to a skinny jean for a bit of hip balancing. 


The side shot is designed to show the fit around the thighs and the room in the lower leg – just in case anyone was wondering!

Moving on to the second pair, these are the sexy boyfriend jeans from GAP (£44.95) and I am wearing a 25″ (the finish has changed this season and they aren’t currently stocking any like these, though that will probably change). The fit of these is slightly looser all over – definitely looser through the leg than the real straight and they taper more which is OK with heels but for some reason less so with flats. They just feel a bit too carrot shaped with flats for my liking.

These jeans are made from a soft denim, which is nice and when I bought them they were definitely better than the Topshop boyfriend style, which were just skinny, skinny, skinny on me!


These are my latest acquisition, the Hampton boyfriend jeans from Jigsaw (£75) which I bought with a gift voucher that I had for Mother’s Day. I wasn’t quite sure how they differed from the other pairs I already owned and I bought them with the purpose of trying them at home alongside these other pairs, to see whether they were worth keeping.

The thing about these is that they come up ridiculously huge – seriously, massively, huge. The ones that I am wearing are a 24″ waist, which is bonkers in anyone’s book other than Victoria Beckham’s – and even these are a bit roomy.

These definitely have that slouchy look about them. I have it in mind to wear them with my converse or slip on trainers in a very casual way – so why I haven’t styled them in that way I’m not sure! I’m not convinced that they would be terribly flattering worn like that but as I said above, it’s more of a comfort look that I am after and there’s sometimes a trade off in that.

What I would say though is to anyone who is after some boyfriend jeans and who has a decent thigh on them (and I include myself within that) these do have some room so you should get the “slouch” you are after. Just go down a size, or two!

And finally here I’m wearing one of my favourite pair of GAP jeans – the ultra skinny bought from an outlet on the South Coast six years ago and they are a US size 2. Ultra skinny they are not, particularly around the ankle, and although they are quite fitted I can pull them down without undoing the button – all quite random really. 


I’m scared that these will give up the ghost before I can find a replacement – but I’m not sure that I ever will. Having said that, these don’t quite fulfil the slouchy criteria that I am after.


Some other good styles that I have seen are these boyfriend jeans from Hush (£75) which looked so good on a friend of mine – although her legs are very long and slim so she does have a bit of an unfair advantage in the boyfriend jeans department.


And whilst I haven’t tried these boyfriend jeans from the White Company (£85), I have high hopes from them. With them being from the White Company they should have a decent enough rise on them so that the whole builder’s bum look doesn’t arise. I would also expect them to be cut with some thigh room.



I also like this relaxed style jean from Cos (£59), which they had in my preferred choice of a slightly darker wash in the store. The good thing about Cos jeans is that they come in in between sizes, (27,29,31) as well as the even sizes. These look a little bit Mom jean, and a little bit Bros (as in the “When will I be famous” sense) but don’t rule them out just yet. All jeans need to be given a chance to be tried on!


And so it was that yesterday I tried out my Jigsaw jeans for a day of running around doing jobs and sorting out my wardrobe (oh yes the charity shop had a lot of bags come its way today). I tried them in the way that I have should really have worn them for the above pics – with converse and a fitted jumper just to test their true slouch/boyfriend effect. Having also worn them today, it looks like I’ll be keeping them!

Maybe this will give more of an idea – maybe it won’t…..

I could go on but I think that you will all have had enough by now, however please do share any top finds you’ve had in the boyfriend jean department. Maybe just pinching a pair from your husband/boyfriend would be a good, and cheaper, alternative!




  1. I won't wear sludge brown
    May 4, 2014 / 7:47 am

    They really are difficult to get right aren't they. I've realised that I do need a narrower leg (which defeats the idea of boyfriends) but they do a good imitation job. I think you have the perfect body shape to carry out this style and they look great on you. And yes they do all look very similar x

  2. Melanie Wall
    May 4, 2014 / 8:31 am

    Hi Beth, in a way I'm glad that you're struggling too as I thought it was just me! I ordered some from H&M the other day and they were totally ridiculous. I ordered a very small size and they were huge. It honestly makes me wonder if they trial these styles AT ALL when they come out of the factory – I'm thinking not! Loving your old favourites here – nice colour and shape.Mel (@ Styled by Mel) x

  3. Carol
    May 4, 2014 / 12:43 pm

    I agree they all look similar, and all look great on you! I have the (very) ripped Gap Real Straight (which I wear with one big turn up!) and the (less) ripped Gap Sexy Boyfriends, both of which I like and wear often. I also have some old M&S ones from several years ago (when Boyfriends first came on to the scene). However I could do with some non-ripped ones – might just go to Gap again as I like the selection of washes and prices. I also have very old black straight cut (with a tiny flare at at the hem) jeans and white bootcut (again, a minor bootcut!) pair that I have experimented with – folded up to resemble boyfriends – they look pretty good. I tend to wear mine with flats unless I'm wearing them out in the evening (love the look of court shoe heels but not practical in day time!) I shall certainly wear them with block heel flats in summer.

  4. Fzillion Manager
    March 2, 2016 / 9:46 pm

    Boyfriend jeans should still have a mark of consistency; it is not an excuse to dress down like a boyfriend jeans

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