An outfit of 50 shades of blue, plus gems from a large ironing pile!!!

And for last night’s evening out with Mr SG, out of the wardrobe of blue came ….. an outfit of blue! Now there’s a surprise! The plan was to walk to the restaurant but it was drizzling slightly and because Mr SG doesn’t do rain, or mud, for that matter, that plan was abandoned. However at least it meant that my trainers weren’t lurking under the table in a plastic bag which they would have been otherwise – classy! The reason for my open toed shoes, despite the rain, was because a friend of mine and I went for a ridiculously long run in the rain yesterday and my toes were too sore to put any kind of going out shoes anywhere near them.

The only really current pieces from this outfit are the Lena jersey jacket from Whistles (£95) and the silk front sweater from Jigsaw (£89). Other than that I wore my New Look (magically expanding to fit any shape you are) skinny jeans and Mango block heeled shoes – I’ve seen similar ones all over the place this year to include Clarks (£49.99)

and Boden (£99) which also come in gold, tan, hibiscus and navy. The good thing about the Clarks ones is that for anyone who is uncertain about wearing an ankle strap, depending on your skin tone, they blend in pretty well so you avoid that leg chopping off effect. But then again I do love the blue ones from Boden.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but getting to the bottom of the ironing pile (or cupboard in our case) opens up a whole new wardrobe.  Today I re-discovered all manner of things I had forgotten about so whilst obviously there’s now more blue in my wardrobe than there was before, there are also some other colours too. And some things have been there for so long that, having gone completely out of fashion, they have now come back in again. Result! (I might just do a whole week of posts on outfits that I found in the ironing cupboard!)


  1. Anonymous
    May 11, 2014 / 9:49 pm

    Hi BethThat is hilarious. I often find myself wearing the dregs of my wardrobe because all the things I really like need to be ironed. I often forego looking exactly how I want to – to avoid the slow torture of ironing. Well done on getting to the bottom of your pile! Ps I love yr outfit too.

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