A style staple for the warmer weather – a white sun dress

Oooh, I do love a good white dress! Not that I get to wear one much at home but for a trip away to a warmer climate, or even when the weather at home is warm enough so that you don’t feel completely out of place wearing one, a white dress is hard to beat. The one that I am wearing was from Mango several years ago now and they don’t currently have anything similar but Hobbs has come up trumps on the white dress front, so here’s my pick…

Iona dress from Hobbs (£110) – this is similar in style to the one that I am wearing in so far as it is sleeveless. The buttons can also be undone to create more of a v-neck which is good for those who prefer one/find one more flattering. It can also be nipped in at the waist with a belt.

As it’s 100% cotton, not only will it be cool but the fabric can also take more of a battering than more delicate/man made fabrics. So, if anything is spilled down it (always a concern with a white dress) it will respond better to washing/vanish/washing up liquid and if all else fails, bleach – than some other fabrics. But please don’t hold me to my bleach assertion!

Evie dress by Hobbs (£134.25) – this dress is also 100% cotton so much better for those who prefer a natural fibre. This one has a pretty hemline to it, similar to the one that I am wearing. Again, it can be nipped in at the waist with a belt to create a more fitted silhouette. The great thing about a white dress is that it acts as a back drop to lots of other colours in terms of accessories/shoes. So, once you get over that initial hurdle of committing pennies to one, it’s actually really versatile. I particularly like them with metallics for a really summery look but they also work well with neons, pastels, primary colours and black too.

Hay dress by Hobbs (£82.50) – this one is 100% linen and has a lovely shape, especially for anyone who carries their weight around the hip/thigh area but who has a tiny waist. The way that the pleats sit are really flattering too. As you might expect from Hobbs, you can rely on them for a good length to their dresses.

OK, so now the Frozen songs have been replaced by 1D songs going round, and round, and round again in my head – just for good measure. Oh, and has anyone ever tried to describe what a minion from Despicable Me looks like to someone who doesn’t speak the same language? The reason for this? Well they would be what are on the case of our son’s phone, which he left on a bus. I think that I am going slowly mad….


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