Gray & Osbourn – an alternative to the High Street with pieces to fit and flatter (and we could all do with a bit of that!)


In today’s post, I’m wearing clothes by Gray & Osbourn, specifically a striped jacket by Betty Barclay (£150) and cobalt blue slim leg jeans by NYDJ (£140) which I chose from their current collection.  I’m also wearing Dune leopard print shoes, an H&M T-shirt and a cream Warehouse bag. Before telling you about the clothes though, I want to tell you a little about Gray & Osbourn.

Gray & Osbourn is an online business described as “a stylish designer clothing boutique for women who love confident timeless fashion.”

I work with many women of differing shapes, sizes and preferences, for whom the High Street doesn’t always deliver. Finding a brand that has the potential to do just that always makes me gleeful and I file it away for future reference.  It’s also nice to see different pieces which not every one will be wearing to the same event.

The great thing about Gray & Osbourn is that they stock clothes for those women who can’t just walk into Zara and pick up a pair of jeans, or go to Topshop for a neat little fitted blazer – or perhaps they can but would rather choose not to because of quality or comfort issues. Really it’s a bit like Atterley Road but for a slightly different market. Some of the occasion wear is lovely and for me they are particularly strong on trousers, stocking brands such as Michele jeans, which come in three different leg lengths. I’ve also had a lot of success with  my ladies with Michele trousers, which they also stock and which are great for those ladies with more of a tum and with less on the hips and bottom.

As to the NYDJ which I am wearing, they are designed to lift the bottom and flatter the tummy. I can really vouch for their comfort and the cobalt blue, I felt, were a nice change from indigo denim and just a little more modern. You can see from the photos that they are slightly big on me and their claim that you need to go down a size is true. Sadly for me they don’t go down any further, otherwise I would try them.

As to the jacket, it’s lovely to wear. Just my kind of thing – striped with a bit of coral, comfortable and not too trussed up!

There’s also a good selection of flattering swimwear which uses ruching and support where it’s needed most. Plus, there are some lovely pieces in the occasionwear which include dresses with sleeves, such as this navy beaded dress (£250).

There are also some lovely sparkly pieces, such as this beautiful silver maxi dress (£350).

Additionally there’s this lovely black and neon layered jersey dress (£190).


So next time you’re on the hunt for a pair of jeans that truly fits, a swimsuit that flatters in all the right places or a piece of occasionwear that not everyone else will be wearing, it may be a good idea to check Gray & Osbourn out.

Disclaimer: I haven’t been paid to write this post and I don’t know whether the clothes are intended for me to keep or whether they are to be returned – sometimes I just don’t get around to sorting those things out until after I have posted. But if anyone really wants me to let them know once I know, I’m very happy to do so!

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