Who wouldn’t want a free Magazine for the weekend? Diet Coke makes it possible!

A few weeks ago now I received an email to tell me that Diet Coke had a gift for me. I was very intrigued as to what it may be – but the obvious sprang to mind. Of course, a gorgeous hunk as per the adverts. What else could it be? Well, as it transpired, it was something much better than a gorgeous hunk. For a start there was a Jo Malone candle, a red Nails Inc nail varnish, 6 cans of diet coke, 2 magazines and a handbag. Well really, there was just no contest was there – what more could a girl want?

For those of you who may not know already, Diet Coke have teamed up with “Look” and “Now” to offer a free  magazine with every purchase of a promotional pack of Diet Coke (the packaging has hearts on it) between 17th February and 30th March.

To redeem free copies of Look or Now, all readers have to do is purchase a special promotional pack of Diet Coke, visit diet coke, enter the unique code from the pack, choose their preferred magazine, print the voucher and take it in-store to redeem. What are we waiting for? (No, the hunk isn’t about to come knocking, so let’s just get on with buying the coke and getting the free magazine.)

Disclaimer: All that Diet Coke asked me to do was to let as many people as possible know that they could get a free copy of Look or Now magazine. And for those who know me well, no-one will doubt me when I say that I LOVE diet coke!

PS Did you know that over 7 billion people have enjoyed 336 billion litres of Diet Coke globally over the past three decades? I think that I probably consumed 335 billion litres of it myself.


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