Eco and organic clothing for a birthday present – happy birthday sis!

Today it’s my sister’s birthday and for her present she asked for a t-shirt or long-sleeved top, which was fair trade/organic. I have to say it’s been one of my toughest missions to date and despite extensive searching, I’ve only just managed to find what I am after.

Just to put things into context, when it comes to clothes, my sis and I are very different. When we were children, for Christmas I would get a new ballet leotard and she would get a Liverpool football kit. I would bet good money that she doesn’t own a skirt or dress and she definitely doesn’t own a pair of heels. I think that she secretly despairs at my fashion mags! She’s more of a walk along the beach, or in the hills, kind of girl and loves a pint in her local. And she could probably give Richard Attenborough a run for his money when it comes to nature and the living world. So really it’s not surprising that she likes her clothes to be made in an environmentally sound way – and to be honest we could probably all do with taking a leaf out of her book. 

I did find this sausage dog tee from People tree (£32) which I couldn’t resist sharing. It also comes in a red and white stripe and it’s just so sweet. I think that I may get away with this as she likes dogs, although probably not the shape of the t-shirt.

But in general, the clothes that I found fell into two categories. Either they were quite trendy – such as most of the range from People Tree – which is lovely, and to be fair I have featured quite a lot of it, but not what she was after – or ASOS Africa – equally not her. Alternatively they were very slogan led items, expounding various environmental causes – which again isn’t really her, at least not in that very vocal way.

Now I know that this post isn’t about me and what I like BUT I did find this range by Orla Kiely for People Tree, which may appeal to others. (Sorry to have snuck that in there sis.)

People Tree did have this slub t-shirt in grey (£28) – which was right in terms of the shape and it is a good basic piece but not overly inspiring – particularly for a birthday present.

They also do the slub t-shirt in white (£28). Again very handy but not very “wow”!

But then I came across the Eco Star Organic Clothing Company which is based in Wales and has very much an Innocent Smoothie approach to their business. They seem to spend their time divided between surfing and working, they treat their staff well and use organic cotton for their t-shirts which are embellished with stars made from clothes which would have otherwise gone to landfill. With simple styles, bright colours and just a little embellishment – and without a slogan, or flash in the pan trendy detail in sight, I finally felt that I was heading along the right lines.

I really like this organic cotton tee in yellow (£9) and as yellow is her son’s favourite colour, he might find himself with one too.

There’s also this organic cotton tee in green (£9)

And this organic cotton tee in pink (£9) – which may be slightly on the bright side but she has been known to wear some pink brogues once, so it may be a winner.

Of course she’s allowed more than one £9 T-shirt for her birthday but it’s a start. And as an aside, my sis has worn Birkenstocks for many, many years now, so when I told her that they were uber cool this season she just said “See, if you wear something for long enough it comes back into fashion again” before giving me a look as if to say “you numpty”. Cheers sis, happy birthday!

Please feel free to let me know if you know of any other brands that might also fit the bill, especially if they are up and coming newbies.


  1. Victoria Myers
    March 5, 2014 / 8:26 pm

    Love the pink star one. Those and a pair of matching Birkenstocks?

  2. Anonymous
    March 7, 2014 / 2:08 pm

    Save the world's resources – choose naturism!

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