Continuing with my shopping trip – now over to Jack Wills for a try on…

Having finally got my head around the idea of whipping my clothes off at the drop of a hat on my shopping trip yesterday, there was no stopping me! After Jigsaw I headed to Jack Wills to take a closer look at their collection of clothes made in Liberty Art Fabrics. First off I tried on the bomber jacket and whilst it’s lovely arguably the blue print, when put with jeans, was just a little all to blue – even for me, the queen of blue.

I did try on and subsequently purchased, the Jack Wills Liberty Dress (£75) although it was in a smaller size than the one that I’m wearing here, which for info is a size 10. There’s currently a 25% offer with Tatler magazine, making it slightly more palatable cost wise. No comments on white legs etc necessary – I’m prepared to sacrifice my dignity for the sake of the greater good of showing you the length and fit of this dress.  The picture below is probably a better example of how it’s supposed to look but you know we can’t all be 5ft 10″ and have legs up to our armpits now can we? On the other hand I don’t think that you can ever be too old, or too young, for liberty prints. They just transcend the generations.

We’re going to Cornwall and Guernsey for our summer holidays this year. In both places the weather can change so quickly (usually from good to bad!) so this dress gives me the practicality that I need in terms of warmth but I really like the print and relaxed style. I can wear it with converse, sandals, slip on trainers or birkenstocks and I can also carry in my bag some leggings (not my clothing of choice but I can see their benefit on occasions) for when it gets too cold to be bare legged.

For anyone who was reading Style Guile last summer will recall, when I’m off with the children I like to be ready to do anything at a moment’s notice and I’m quite happy to keep rotating just three or four (OK, one or two) outfits, so this is another one to add to my very short list!

Last year on our way to Cornwall I bought from the men’s section at Asda a raffia hat similar to this one from Zara (£17.99). I’m almost certain that one that I saw yesterday had a spotted trim, so that may be working its way into my summer wardrobe too.

Of course the Jigsaw slip on trainers that I featured yesterday would also work really well with this dress – not that I’m creating a case for buying them or anything like that.


  1. Doris Eleanor
    March 9, 2014 / 9:20 am

    You know Beth I would never have thought of going anywhere near Jack Wills to shop for me but I do like this. Teenager seems to have lost interest in shopping there now anyway.

  2. StyleGuile
    March 9, 2014 / 9:02 pm

    Hi Doris – yes, my teenager was saying exactly the same thing to me today. Maybe it has had its time with the tweenies and perhaps we might now stand a chance. Or perhaps it was just a one off!!!

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