The 12 outfits of Christmas – I wish that there was more by way of silk/heels/sequins but tomorrow is always another day!


The plan was, having travelled home from Wales first thing this morning, that I would change into something a little more Christmas like – maybe a dress, maybe with some accessories, maybe even some heels – so as to avoid posting another picture of jeans and a jumper (Primark jeans, All Saints jumper, Jack Wills shirt, Ash wedge trainers). Clearly that plan didn’t work.  I did however notice that on Coronation Street tonight, Sally Webster was wearing a nice blue blouse and a black pencil skirt and Leanne Platt had a top with pretty sequinned sleeves – so that might be a good place for Christmas outfit ideas.

Tomorrow will be a different story – I will change 55 times and wear dresses, skirts, sequins, silk, leather and prints; possibly all at the same time. In fact my first outfit will be truly impressive and will include a red flashing nose and an elf hat with a bell on it, in addition to running gear. There will be five of us running the streets of Birmingham so do give us a wave if you see us – assuming that we haven’t been carted off by then.

As to today’s gift, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a pair of sparkly or metallic shoes so if there’s one thing to add to your last minute Christmas purchases tomorrow, they should be it. Dune is a good “go to” store for sparkly shoes and I like this pair which are now priced at £34. An ankle strap may not be for everyone but it looks as though this strap can be removed and I’m sure that everyone will be too busy partying to notice the little loop! Hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas Eve!


  1. Amber
    December 24, 2013 / 12:55 pm

    I have to be a pedant and point out that Leanne is a Tildesley, not a Platt ;)Love the gold shoes!

    • StyleGuile
      December 24, 2013 / 2:19 pm

      Oh you're so right! Having watched Coronation Street since I was very young I should totally have known that. Do you remember the first Nick – and the second one? I think we're now onto the third and I can't work out whether he was better in Footballer's wives or Coronation Street. Or maybe neither!

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