The 12 outfits of Christmas – Day 2 – Fun accessories



With one child already having broken up for Christmas but with two still at school, there are still school runs to be done. So when I got up this morning, it was more a case of putting something on that was warm and practical – and then dressing it up with accessories – rather than anything else.

As you know, I like a bit of animal print and a bit of flouro, so I used accessories to work them into my outfit. The three quarter length sleeves on the jumper allowed me to throw on a selection of bangles/cuffs in clashing colours and the bright pink Jaeger scarf allowed me to work in some colour in an even brighter way. The All Saints bag brought in some animal print, together with our lunch which our youngest and I smuggled into the cinema when we saw Frozen – which I have to say is not the best film to see for someone who is permanently cold. Our five year old looked at me like I had lost the plot when I asked her whether the film made her feel cold. I just wanted them all to put some more layers on.

So, in a nutshell, accessories are a good way of introducing a splash, pop, nod, whiff or smidge (great names for Reindeers) of a trend or colour into your outfit so as long as the rest of it is plain. Pile them high and bright!

I can’t pretend that today’s gift idea is a cheap one but you know, the sales are on their way and more expensive pieces can always be used as inspiration for hunting out less expensive alternatives. This calf satchel from Whistles (£295) is something I have looked at on more than one occasion whilst in Selfridges. Just because it’s lovely!

Tomorrow I’ll go with something a little more accessible price wise!


PS I do realise that in this photo my bag looks like it has feet but hopefully you can see past that – or around it, or through it. That’s the problem with not checking anything in a mirror, sticking a phone in the hands of your five year old and asking them to take a photo. Ho hum!



  1. Lora
    December 18, 2013 / 3:07 pm

    Nice accessories! Great choice.

  2. StyleGuile
    December 19, 2013 / 8:05 pm

    Hi Lora – thanks my lovely!

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