The 12 outfits of Christmas – Day 12 (+1) – An evening sports luxe look and Easter Eggs. In December?!

The sports luxe look has been around for a while now and this is an evening version of it, as in it is made up of sequins, satins and sparkles. With the outfit effectively being made up of a fancy sweatshirt and a posh version of trackie bums, it’s a bit of a winner on the comfort front.

The top was from Reiss several years ago now and although I don’t wear it a lot, when I do I love it. The trousers are the ones from Topshop that I keep wearing but it’s good to be getting my monies worth out of them. The Dune shoes have been my friend for a few years also. Well, sometimes I fall out with them a little bit, particularly at the end of an evening.

This evening our friend posed this question to us: How do you know when Christmas is over? The answer: When Cadbury’s Crème Eggs start appearing in the shops. Crazy or what?! Somehow I fear that we have lost the art of living for the moment!

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