Christmas Jumpers – I wasn’t going to but I have succumbed…

“Mum, could you please get me a Christmas jumper as I need one to wear at school next week. Oh, I also need a fake moustache too.” This was the message that I received from our son whilst I was in London on Saturday. So this was the result – at least on the jumper front – with the photo being superbly photo bombed by his sister. Good old Primark. And for anyone who happens to be in need of a stick on moustache, WH Smith has a pack of 6.

I wasn’t planning on writing a post on Christmas jumpers and then there was a discussion about them on the Radio today so I thought that I would chuck in my two-penneth worth.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about trying to find a Christmas jumper for our eldest. I hunted high and flippin’ low, finally finding one in Internacionale, which was probably about my 10th store. And now? They are everywhere! Christmas jumpers must be a multi-million pound industry in their own right. New Look even has its own page specifically devoted to  Christmas jumpers from novelty, to Fair Isle, to even quite tasteful. I have had friends order flashing ones from Asda, Primark has a huge selection and Marcus Lupfer has some which cost a few hundred pounds. Yeah, OK, maybe not.

So here are my favourite three – and very predictable they are too!

The pale blue/duck egg blue one

It was in New Look that I found one of my favourite Christmas jumpers, this pale blue Christmas pudding jumper (£27.99). I looked at it a few times, even going back to it as I recall but I don’t know – £27.99 for a jumper with a Christmas pudding on it? I’m pretty sure that on Christmas day I’ll regret not buying it though. 


The sparkly one


My friend and I, we like Robin. Actually even her teenage son likes Robin and he was initially most scathing about him. I’m hoping that she might let me borrow him one day to feature on here… 


Robin jumper (£69) from French Connection. In real life his red breast is a really lovely pink colour – much more so than this photo would suggest.



The Fair Isle Jumper


I like this Ted Baker Fair Isle jumper (£99) and have had my eye on it for a while. It has a little more longevity than the Christmas Pudding one, which really does have quite a short life span each year – unless you decide to be ironic and wear it on a boiling hot beach in the summer.



Will you, won’t you and if not for you, will your husband be wearing one at work one day sometime soon? Mine did under duress and I have the photo evidence to prove it but it would just be too mean to put it on here. Wouldn’t it?


For the next five days I will be working at the Clothes Show giving Style Presentations and running Style Clinics. Whether I manage to blog each evening I am not sure. In fact I have no idea what state I will be in each evening. I’m wondering whether I will be able to take the excitement of seeing Peter Andre, Union J and all of those reality TV stars. I fear that it may be more than I can take!


  1. Anonymous
    December 6, 2013 / 4:52 pm

    Really love the blue one actually! Not sure it's my colour! Your sons one is cool too and he is the spitting image of you.

  2. StyleGuile
    December 6, 2013 / 8:23 pm

    Oh flip, poor boy – I was waiting for someone to say that! I like Freddie's too – it just makes me laugh, more because he won't take it off rather than anything else and I thought that he would hate it! Have a go with the New Look pale blue one – you may be pleasantly surprised! A slight flush from a cocktail or two and a bit of lipgloss may help with the colour issue! Thanks for the comment! Beth

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