Making the lingerie look more accessible.

Sometimes I see a look that I like but which I know won’t work without a bit of tweaking. So, I take the elements of it that I think I can use and mix them with other pieces, until I find a look which is more practical, or age appropriate, but which still nods to the original look.


I’ve really liked these Louis Vuitton slip dresses since I saw Victoria Beckham wearing one of them to the Wimbledon tennis final. Bear with me on this one…


Predictably Zara has the best range on the High Street. They have several ranging from this one at £25.99 to over £100.

The problem with them is that, without going into too much detail, one needs to be near perfect in the pert department to pull them off – and have smooth, tanned, toned legs – in fact really one needs to be a Louis Vuitton model (or VB) for them to work well and frankly, well, let’s say no more on that one.

I also like this as a look – really high heels, slouchy jeans, a fitted top, a blazer and a bright lip. It’s much more accessible and mixing the two looks together would mean that a hint of the lingerie look could be included.

So here’s one way of doing it….

Take one Jigsaw lace vest (£24) John Lewis – these are more substantial than they look, aren’t too clingy, have a good length to them and come in a variety of colours.

Add some Warehouse distressed boyfriend style jeans (£33) John Lewis

Put a Ted Baker black velvet jacket (£229) John Lewis over the top.

Step into the Gosford Slipper Vamp Courts from Topshop (£60) either in this fabulous bright pink colour…


…or in this leopard print finish…


…I’d also work in this beauty that I’m currently coveting in Jigsaw at the moment (£79)



And you’re ready for a night out, having given a nod to the lingerie look.  



  1. Sue
    November 14, 2013 / 8:30 pm

    This takes me back to when I used to wear this kind of outfit – mid 2000's? They do say fashion is cyclical and I even have a slip dress and a camisole from then which wouldn't look out of place now. However, the body may not be the same.

    November 14, 2013 / 9:46 pm

    I really like this slip dress look, but as you say in order for it to work, without a 18 year old perfectly honed body inside it, it may be a bit tricky to pull off! I like your idea of the lace trimmed cami as a little wink to the trend…..or maybe a big chunky sweater coving the non pert bum region, might be an option! (p.s. My bum, not yours!!!) xx

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