Trophy Trousers – the winter wardrobe saviour!

Have you noticed how the world “Trophy” is used a lot in relation to fashion? Trophy jackets, trophy ear-rings – those pieces that are a just that little bit more special than the norm. I wonder though whether the “Trophy” in relation to “Trophy wives” has been somewhat lost in translation – because last time I checked, I’m not sure that it was a wholly positive description!

Today I’m looking at Trophy Trousers. I think that these can be a winter wardrobe saviour on many levels and here’s why:

  • Generally they are a cigarette shape, which is a more flattering shape than a skinny trouser;
  • Given their shape, they finish at the ankle and flashing a bit of ankle can be quite sexy;
  • For a smart casual event, when jeans won’t quite do but a dress is too dressed up, a pair of trophy trousers and heels are a great option – think school bash, Christmas drinks with the vicar/neighbours, trip to the ballet (I just re-read “ballet” back to myself as “toilet” and clearly whilst you could wear Trophy Trousers for a trip to the toilet, it may be a bit OTT), friends around on Christmas day – you get the gist;
  • With pointy toe heels, they lend themselves to a real 1950’s vibe, which is incredibly stylish;
  • They can be dressed down for the day with a round neck jumper, flats  and a parka, or up for the evening with a blazer and sparkly heels.

So these are some of my current favourites:

1960’s jacquard trousers Jaeger Boutique (£70) – arguably these are quite spring like in their print but I think that’s nice for the winter. I love the cobalt blue in these and for anyone with blue eyes, picking that colour out on your top half would look really stunning. Because these are currently on sale, sizes are limited but customer services should be able to advise which stores stock your size.

Polka Dot slim leg trousers Jaeger Boutique (£60). A dark background with a lighter accent colour is a really flattering combination. Spots are a great for those who aren’t really into a floral print and the navy and green makes a nice alternative to black.

I saw these Jacquard fabric tailored trousers Jigsaw (£98) yesterday and thought that they looked like  a really good option. The grey, purple and orange colour combination actually works really well and lends itself to a whole range of different coloured tops. In fact, the crystal jumper that I bought from Topshop and which I featured yesterday would go well with these. Hmmmm, I’m liking that idea….

I mentioned these camo jacquard cigarette trousers from Topshop (£45) yesterday and here’s a picture of them for you. I’ve fallen in love with these a little bit too. Wearing shine can be tricky on the bottom half but there’s just the right amount of shine so that they are on the right side of flattering.

For a slightly more subtle option – and perhaps a good place to start for those dipping their toes into the Trophy Trousers water – these floral jacquard PJ trousers Topshop (£35) are a good option. The “navy within the navy” combo is a great one. A silver sparkly top, a white shirt, or pale knit or a bright pink/yellow/ top would work brilliantly.


These Jacquard cigarette trousers Next (£35) will appeal to those who prefer something other than a navy or black option. Great with cream, camel, pale blue or turquoise, they could go from work to party quite easily.

I’m quite intrigued by these Jacquard Harem trousers Zara (£29.99). They could either be brilliant or a big fat fail. Unlike most of the others, I haven’t seen these in the flesh but if anyone has, please feel free to report back. If not, I may be forced to go on another research trip and frankly that’s all proving a little too dangerous at the moment.


  1. Sue
    October 18, 2013 / 7:52 pm

    The Zara trousers are a little thin but true to size. I was intrigued by them too.

  2. CousCousandCorkWedges
    November 4, 2013 / 10:00 pm

    I love the Top Shop Camo ones! They would go with loads! Ax

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