The positives that we can take away from outfit misses (and an example to illustrate the point)!

OK so just hear me out. I realise that this grey jacket would look better if it was black and that  it doesn’t really go with the skirt that well but the problem that I have is this: Given that it’s now 9pm, do I not post at all today and simply consign this outfit to the room 101 of “outfit misses”, start a new post, or post it anyway and suffer the consequences?


Oh what the hec? I’m just going to go for it – there are always positives that can be taken from an outfit so let’s make today’s post all about taking the positives out of outfit misses.


First of all let me assure you that I am wearing something under this jacket and that I’m not semi naked underneath. It’s just the angelic glow (!) I have about me which makes it look otherwise.

To set the scene, yesterday it was our son’s birthday. In the afternoon we went to the climbing wall where I knew, having taken the decision not to climb, it would be freezing. That was to be followed by a quick car journey home and a walk both to, and from, Pizza Express which is probably only 20 mins in total but that’s far enough away to have to give some thought about what to wear on your feet.

So, I needed to be warm, without too many bulky layers for the car and able to walk a reasonable distance. I didn’t want to wear jeans either – just thought I ought to make an effort for the birthday boy.

I think that hits can be taken from the top half and from the bottom half – but not together. On the top half, the pale blue angora jumper from Topshop (pics and links below) is a current favourite of mine. It’s warm, with a good sleeve length, pretty colour and it is quite short in length, so it sits nicely with the higher waistbands of pencil skirts.

The Whistles jacket is also really soft and warm – not stiff and boardy at all, so that too works for me on an individual level. I love the biker style too.

I love the print on the skirt – though I accept it’s a bit of a marmite one – together with the length as it’s not too short. If I want to wear a slight heel, boots are the best option for me so whilst there’s always that trade off between boots cutting your legs off a bit, the heel height compensates for it and these Lotta Beccles boots from Clarks last year are really comfortable.

Topshop jacquard camo print pencil skirt £38

Topshop pale blue angora jumper £45

Whistles Annabel jacket £155 – grey not available on line

So, having taken away the positives, what would I do differently next time? Perhaps not getting photos taken of myself in an outfit would be a good start as then I could go about in blissful ignorance. I could buy a black version of the jacket to wear instead, except it doesn’t exist, although temptingly the navy one does. Perhaps I would wear my cream leather jacket but that wouldn’t be as warm, or a black Reiss wool biker jacket that I have but that’s a bit stiff. Or perhaps I’d just think “Oh bugger it,” wear the same again and not tell anyone. Yes, that’s the positive I’m taking away from this particular outfit miss.


  1. Sarah
    November 3, 2013 / 1:11 pm

    Lovely skirt. I covet.

    • Sarah
      November 3, 2013 / 1:13 pm

      Ditto jumper as a matter of fact.

    • StyleGuile
      November 3, 2013 / 8:14 pm

      Hi Sarah – ah bless you, I must admit that I did open the comments to this post with a certain amount of trepidation!!!!!

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