Tapping into this season’s fur trend with a Zara top

In about an hour I am going to be collected as a few of us are off on a girls’ weekend away to Dorset – so apologies if this is unusually brief. Perhaps many of you will prefer it!


It was my plan to wear this outfit to travel down in but not only did I decide that most of it would be superfluous to requirements when it got down there but my trousers got soaked when I did the school pick up and clammy trousers are never good. 


Oh the trousers! I bumped into my husband briefly in town today and he looked at me and asked whether I was wearing new trousers. He would make a rubbish PI. Not only does he not look like Magnum, which is obviously a pre-requisite of being a PI, but his powers of observation are pants. The Cos trousers are pretty much on their last legs having been worn to death. Had he gone north by 10cm though and asked whether the blue and black, leopard print fur top (ie the really distinctive top that I was wearing) was new then yes, he would have been right.


So, there we have it: one fur fronted, leopard printed, short sleeved sweat from Zara, which I cannot now find anywhere on the site (rel details are 0909/236/800 and it’s from the W&B collection for anyone interested) Zara boots, Cos trousers. I forgot to include the blue handbag which picked up the royal blue in the top but it was raining at the time.

As to how the outfit came about, having been running, I was late leaving for a meeting, so I opted for old faithful trousers, my new Zara boots (minus cardboard inserts) which I really like and just worked upwards. The top could have just as easily been a silk shirt, a sparkly knit or a striped top. Having half an outfit to think about when you are short of time is so much easier than thinking about a whole outfit!

I know it looks a bit mangy here but really it’s not!


  1. Anonymous
    October 4, 2013 / 11:27 pm

    Nearly bought this. ..looks fab on you Hx

  2. Daniel Efosa Uyi
    October 10, 2013 / 9:48 am

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