Mum on the Run – literally – and a very stylish plaid outfit from Next

At last, the day of the Birmingham half marathon dawned. Despite the initial downpour, the sun came out and as we were warming up true Brit style, complete with an instructor who was doing some serious 80’s moves, it was really warm.


For the most part, I had a blast. The course is relatively flat most of the way and I remember having a little sing along to my extraordinarily bad play list. In fact my friend and I concluded prior to the race that if anything were to happen to me during the race, any possible street cred that I may ever have had would have gone right out of the window when they realised what I was listening to.  Hanson anyone? See, I told you it was bad!


OK, so I had spotted family at this point hence the inane grin but I fear that I looked like that quite a lot of the way round – other than at the evil hill towards the end but fortunately a friend was at the top to cheer me on. I just remember shouting to her “It’s hard, it’s really hard.”

Anyway, the point of the post is to show you my lovely Next grey checked – but let’s be “fashiony” shall we and call it “plaid” – Onesie, given to me by my friend as a pressie to be worn specifically after the race.  Ah, it’s lovely and warm and I plan on wearing it from now until Spring.

The bobble positioning may require a little attention but you know, all in good time.

I made this last night, specifically for today as a treat on returning home. Sadly I haven’t made as much of a dent in it as I would have liked but there’s always tomorrow.

And to all my lovely friends, family, followers and twitter peeps – thank you for your phone calls, texts, banners, cheering, tweets, tips and belief in me, all of which meant so much. And special thanks to my hubby – amongst other things he’s a brilliant chef and great taxi service. Yes, I can highly recommend him (but like lots of husbands, his jokes are still REALLY bad.)

Beth x


  1. Fashionmumof40
    October 20, 2013 / 7:56 pm

    Well done you!!! X

    • StyleGuile
      October 22, 2013 / 5:16 pm

      Thank you! Surprisingly it was great fun. I must be mad! X

  2. Nat Ruffel
    October 20, 2013 / 7:58 pm

    Fantastic, well done and a brilliant time too, you smashed the 2 hour mark! FabValentine

    • StyleGuile
      October 22, 2013 / 5:19 pm

      Hi Nat, I really wasn't expecting that at all. I had a lot of luck on my side! Thank you!

  3. GlamRosie
    October 20, 2013 / 8:59 pm

    Well done Beth! Cake and onesie look fab. x

    • StyleGuile
      October 22, 2013 / 5:21 pm

      Hello! Thanks for dropping by. The Onesie is lovely and the cake was good but is sadly nomore!!! X

  4. The Flaky Fashionista
    October 20, 2013 / 9:35 pm

    Well done; that's a brilliant achievement. And now a serious question about the onesie!!! Thinking of getting one for my sister for Xmas from my daughter (she's her godmother … loves her pjs!!) and was wondering about sizes. She'd be a perfect 10 so should I go for 8-10 or 10 -12?

    • StyleGuile
      October 22, 2013 / 5:24 pm

      Hello lovely lady! I think that they come in S/M/L so I would prob suggest a M. Mine's a S and a great fit for a size 8 so poss a M for a 10. X

  5. Anonymous
    October 21, 2013 / 7:19 pm

    Well done Beth. I laughed out loud when you mentioned the bobble positioning! Hehe! Marie

    • StyleGuile
      October 22, 2013 / 5:26 pm

      Hi Marie….luckily I won't be seen in public in it too much so hopefully the bobbles won't cause any fashion faux pas!

  6. Treasuresnpleasures
    October 21, 2013 / 9:43 pm

    Aw well done Beth, great achievement! Lovin the onsie too, seriously thinking of investing in one for my winter hibernation!! X

    • StyleGuile
      October 22, 2013 / 5:28 pm

      Thanks Trea! Def worth investing in; the comfort factor is off the scale! X

  7. CousCousandCorkWedges
    November 4, 2013 / 10:03 pm

    Well done Beth! Such an amazing thing to do & I hope you dived into that cake as a huge slice or 2 would of been more than deserved!! I'm on the fence when it comes to adult onesies but you would of needed it to keep toasty after the race thats for sure! Ax

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