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With the days getting colder and darker, my thoughts inevitably turn to warm, snuggly things to wear at home. I am sure that over the years “leisurewear” must have become a multi-million pound industry in its own right.


Leisurewear can encompass anything from an old University tracksuit, to your husband’s oversized jumper and PJ bottoms, to something altogether more luxurious. It’s possible to spend a small fortune on cashmere to wear at home – and it would be lovely to be able to do so – but….


With Christmas coming up however it may be a good time to ask for a contribution towards something stylish to wear at home, even if only to convince ourselves that we lead the perfect life in which the front door is beautifully adorned with a wreath, there’s a roaring log fire in the grate, the kitchen is filled with delicious smells a la Nigella and the children are playing together beautifully (rather than the half dead wreath, a gas fire with a dodgy knob, burnt offerings from the kitchen and badly behaved children.)


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has added to her range for M&S with some luxurious Rosie for Autograph pieces. (Please accept my apologies for the lack of specific links – they’re a little more generic today as there are so many pieces but everything should be easy to find.) 


The pout may be difficult to emulate but the Cashmere blend cocoon wrap (£45) shouldn’t be too hard to get hold of. Its shape doesn’t scream “loungewear” either, so it should be pretty versatile.


These Cashmere blend pyjama bottoms with cuff (£35) look lovely and toasty. Some like a cuff around the ankle, others don’t – but they do lend themselves to being tucked into ankle boots quite well if you need to do an emergency dash to the garage to buy Toblerone. Not that I would know or anything like that.

I can hear my friend Sal laughing as she reads about this cashmere jumper with detachable snood. It’s the “detachable snood” that will amuse her – handy though if you want to wear your snood with anything else. I love the colour – and the neckline would be great for catching the stray bits of Toblerone. 

The Rosie for Autograph cashmere poncho (£99) is a lovely piece to wear either in or out of the house. Great for snuggling up under when watching TV – just like Rosie. I think in all likelihood I would be wearing more under it than she is though – which appears to be nothing.

There are also these pure cashmere bottoms (£99) from the Rosie for Autograph collection, which come in a darker grey too. These are a good style for those who prefer a wider leg, either for comfort or for the proportion balancing job that they do.


Hush is one of my favourite brands for loungewear and they’ve really got to grips with styling their loungewear, so that they are almost selling a lifestyle choice.  The colours are muted caramels, grey, taupes and pale blues, the fabrics soft and luxurious and the styling relaxed but feminine. It’s clever because it’s accessible to us all, certainly in terms of practicality.


As to their pieces, for those wanting to tap into one of the major trends this season, look no further than the Camouflage joggers (£45).  


The Fold over trousers (£45) are fantastic on many levels. Great for anyone who is in the early stages of pregnancy, post-op or who suffers from bloating, the waist band can be folded down to a comfortable level.

The slim leg joggers (£39.50) come in a variety of colours, including a bright red. Again styled with ankle boots they could do just as well at home or for a trip out.

And some of my favourites of all are these star print slim leg joggers (£45). I think it would be a brave person who wore them outside – I would fear the risk of being told that I was in my PJs – but I still love them for their slight cheekiness.

Wrap is another lovely on-line brand, as they have this Alohia fleecy dress (£65) which makes a pleasant change from trousers.

The Bella Hoodie (£69) has a lovely lace detail along the sleeve, which adds that touch of femininity and stops it from being too utilitarian.

The slouchy Emma trousers (£49) make a great partner to the Bella hoodie, above.

Now, my Mum likes a good velour lounge suit in the winter but has trouble finding one a) in velour and b) with a waist band high enough. So, I uncovered these little beauties from M & Co (£18) whilst away last week. I do worry though that I’ve failed on the tops – most of them had hoods (not on), were sleeveless (not on) or had a high neck (not on, she gets her make-up on them.)

I am slightly concerned that in wanting a velour lounge suit she’s also going to want to start wearing her rollers in public – and believe me she has plenty of rollers. She’s not quite there on the fake tan and fake nails yet though so I think that for now the world is safe but I do fear that I may have to have a little pep talk with her soon.


  1. The Flaky Fashionista
    October 13, 2013 / 8:01 pm

    Beth – you've just made me laugh out loud … a snood for catching bits of Toblerone ha, ha! Love the idea of the cuffed joggers – straight onto my Xmas list!

    October 14, 2013 / 8:24 am

    I love the range for M&S it looks so luxurious, I just wish I had a lounging about life to wear them…….I am either in bleached/paint splattered(not the trendy sort, but the sort that comes from cleaning, cooking and washing the floor!) jeans, or dressed up for work! One day I will learn to lounge!! xx

  3. Anonymous
    October 17, 2013 / 2:28 pm

    RE: your mum's requirements! Have a look at Carole Hochman sleep/loungewear at QVC – velour trouser suits, no hoods! Carole Hochman makes lovely, well priced nightwear – not all of the patterns are to my taste but the quality is really nice.

  4. ropadedeporte
    October 18, 2013 / 11:58 am

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