A school run outfit of Nike, Boden, Gap and All Saints to help with sore toes!

You may remember that I mentioned that I had somehow inadvertently ended up training for the Birmingham half marathon. Well last night saw us run 14 miles in preparation for it – just to be on the safe side. The reason that I tell you this is because it directly impacted on today’s outfit.


My purple Nike trainers were the softest thing to wear against my slightly sore toes for the walk to school this morning. Feeling the need for warmth, comfort and the clothing equivalent of a hot stew, I also wore my Boden cashmere striped jumper together with skinny jeans and an All Saints mac. The thought of a clutch also appealed more than a handbag, so I used my snake print Marc Jacobs neon clutch instead. I have to admit that I am coming perilously close to buying a onesie to wear after the event (but don’t tell anyone).  


Having done only a few long distance runs, I can’t pretend to be an authority on them but through trial and error, and taking on board what others have said, I have found a few things that help in preparation. So for anyone interested, here goes:

  • An hour’s nap in the afternoon is a good plan (sneaky I know but I did our last 13 mile run after a six hour shopping day and that was really, really, hard);

  • Carb loading on fresh white home baked rolls and butter an hour and half before running seems to work and it is also slightly indulgent;

  • Jelly babies are good to nibble after about 10 miles and are a good distraction (but they make you really thirsty and your teeth feel horrible);

  • Chatting on and off makes the time go much quicker (we tried to convince ourselves that we were in our local pub, which worked to an extent but certain things were missing ie alcohol);

  • The Endomondo app is good for providing information of your speed for each km run, which oddly acts as a good motivator. It also enables you to see your speed as you are running. Naturally we concluded that it wasn’t entirely accurate and that the signal failed somewhere along our tree dense route so that we were, in fact, actually faster than it gave us credit for;

  • Running in trainers which don’t have holes in the bottom of them is probably a good idea (well, how often are you meant to check the bottom of your trainers) and good running socks are worth their weight in gold.

If anyone else would like to share their tips I would love to hear them. Anything and everything is welcome! I would particularly like to know how to convince yourself that you are running at night time (which I much prefer) even though you are running in the morning. I’m thinking about wearing sunglasses but I’m not sure that it will work.


  1. Unknown
    October 1, 2013 / 9:36 pm

    I am SO impressed – well done Beth!! I used to do a bit of running – talking quite a long time ago here lol – but agree on carbs-loading, complex carbs being most important – cereal, pasta, vegetables,bread. Found pasta did the job well and have heard the same from listening to runners recently, fuels you for longer. Also bananas – give you potassium that you will lose in sweating, and help regulate muscle contraction & prevent cramping. And easy to snack on.Full of admiration – best of luck! Pat Tonry

  2. LS
    October 2, 2013 / 10:05 am

    Gosh you ran 14 miles in preparation for a half marathon?! Most half plans would advise 10 miles as your longest distance but I don't know if you are technically a beginner or a seasoned runner so whatever works I guess!I'm pretty much always training for marathons or ultras so I use gels as well as jelly babies or hairbo but also find something like a cheesy Tuc sandwich biscuit tucked into my pouch is great when I am maxed out on sweet stuff. Likewise I tend to reach for ready salted crisps after a long run.Pre-run wise, bananas all the way, even an hour before as slow release energy. I tend to choose brown/grain breads anyway and wholewheat pasta the night before.GOOD LUCK! I have a half this weekend, not sure when Birmingham is but look forward to your post-run report!

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