From a Reiss summer dresses to heavy winter warmers, all in the space of two days

This is probably going to be the quickest post in the history of the blog because in less than ten minutes I need to head out with the eldest to see the One Direction (or Wrong Direction, take your pick) film. We’ve tried to persuade others to come along but oddly they have declined. The best excuse came from an 11 year old we know who said that she had stay in and do her homework – which is definitely on a par with having to stay in to wash your hair.


Anyway the start of the new term arrived, warm and sunny with temperatures in the mid twenties as the day went on, hence the Reiss dress and sandals….

But two days later the temperature had dropped to fourteen degrees, so I felt that it was time for a wardrobe swap around.  I had a little think about how I wanted to organise it for the autumn and I decided to devote the middle section of my wardrobe to things that I really like and that I want to wear the most. 

Until fairly recently I had a separate rail with those things on but it made the room look untidy so I took it down and made a rule that whatever I owned had to fit inside the wardrobe. Also, over the summer holidays dressing was simpler but now that the children are back at school and I am back at work, I need a wardrobe that is more organised and which pulls its weight a little bit more.

Being left handed, my wardrobe is organised from right to left, starting with blouses, tops, fine knit jumpers, blazers, skirts and smarter trousers and within that I have organised them from lighter, to darker, colours. Shoes, bags, coats, jeans, heavier jumpers, dresses and scarves are stored elsewhere.


I have a pile of  heavier jumpers ready to be hand washed but I don’t plan on wearing them until it gets really cold and several pairs of jeans and cords are drying ready to be introduced into my autumn wardrobe over the next couple of weeks.  I also went through a lot of my “proper” winter things and left anything black well out of the way for now. Navy I can do all year round but I’m not quite ready for black yet.


I had a lot of my accessories stored away in soft cloth bags but for me it’s actually better to have things that I want to wear on display, or close to hand. Whilst this looks a bit of a pickle, it all makes sense to me and I think that’s the point really, whatever works for each person is good as it enables you get the most out of your clothes.  It also helps you to see what you have and what you need to add.

In the drawer I have belts, clutch bags, gloves and wrist warmers…

…whilst on the shelf I have my bangles and bracelets stored in a red leather box with statement necklaces and other cuffs laid out.

In theory if I go to that one section of my wardrobe, I should be able to pull together the basis of a smart/casual outfit really easily – the type of outfit that I need to wear during the week when I have the least amount of time to plan things.  Time will tell….


  1. CousCousandCorkWedges
    September 23, 2013 / 7:55 pm

    I love your organised wardrobe! I've just moved & have a wee bit more space than I had before & have tried to keep things in their right places! Its made life so much easier & I'm dressing better & using more of my items too! Ax

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