A Zatchels offer for London Fashion Week

Many of you will be familiar with Zatchels – perhaps you own one, perhaps you have been pestered for one by a teenage daughter, or maybe you’ve spotted them on the world and his wife. Not only do these lovely bags come in a satchel style but also in a saddle bag and rucksack style. Increasingly popular, they come in fabulous colours too.

To mark London Fashion Week, Zatchels have a promotion running up until midnight on Tuesday 17th September. So, for anyone who falls into the category of wishing that they owned one but not quite having got there yet, this may help you on your way. Just enter FASHIONWEEK at the checkout to receive 20% off you new Zatchels bag.

As it so happened, I was using my Zatchels yesterday. It’s a lovely grey one which was gifted to me after I wrote about a different offer that Zatchels ran in April. Sadly I don’t think that it will remain mine for long as I fear that I am about to “gift” it to another member of the family.

Trainers were definitely the order of the day yesterday as the previous day I had been in London (more about that later in the week). That wasn’t so much the problem as the fact that I had decided to wear, for the first time, new Zara boots minus socks. Even before I shut the front door, I knew that it was a totally daft thing to do but did I go back and do anything to fix it? No, of course I didn’t. I wanted to wear the new boots, for which I have paid the price!

Anyway, with the trainers I wore a navy Zara skirt, striped lilac French Connection jumper, All Saints mac and Gap scarf. As you can see, there was a bit of a purple/lilac theme going on.  The trainers did their trick for me yesterday but every time I look at the boots I can still feel the pain!


  1. Anonymous
    September 16, 2013 / 1:11 pm

    Your feet look so dainty so you can wear trainers with a skirt. I have to hide my size 8s under wide bootlegs. A bit of a dilemma for me as slim line trousers are so fashionable at present.

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