Re-creating an outfit for a sunny(ish) day

Like stripes I find spots cheery little fellas, unless they are where you would rather they weren’t, in which case they’re a pain in the you know what.


After my admission the other day that I had only been wearing two outfits over the entire summer, I thought that I had probably up my game and so…..I changed my top. Radical, I know. Actually I also changed my shoes too – double radical.


The temperature was just right to wear this navy spotted button back jumper from Cos. Because of its length, the belt loops on my jeans were screaming out to be adorned so I wore a studded Topshop belt.



For a similar top, Boden has a button back jumper in four colour ways, which normally costs £69 but which is currently discounted. In addition to the two colour ways that I have shown below, there is also a mustard combination and a red and black one too – but that just shouts ladybird to me and whilst I love ladybirds, I’m not sure that I would like to look like one.

The bag that I used that day was a large canvas number from Zara, which can carry virtually anything and frequently does.

Given the time of year, I probably wouldn’t buy a canvas bag now but this Zara suede combination bowling bag (£39.99) is a good alternative and the colours would tone well with the blue spotted jumper above. If it was all starting to feel a bit too blue, the jeans could be swapped for a coloured pair.

As to the shoes, the Topshop ramble sandal (£65) are the closest style that I can find to the Mango ones that I am wearing above (now sold out) and which I have found really useful this summer as they work with so many different outfits. 

If I’m going to wear a heel during the daytime, I make sure that it’s a sturdy one – there’s just less room for disaster of the falling off one’s heels variety! These silver sandals have just that and would look pretty amazing with the grey jumper above, lifting the outfit a little, as they would black and navy pieces too.

If we were taking the footwear one step further towards the Autumn, I think that these boots, also from Boden could work really well. I know that I have featured them before but they keep seeping into my consciousness, which is never a good sign. I like the sole, the heel, the colour and the fact that there isn’t a zip with a long tag on it – it just makes for a cleaner line, especially with dresses.

Wishing everyone a happy (and hopefully sunny) weekend – with a little time for magazine perusing too!


  1. Fashionmumof40
    August 17, 2013 / 6:56 am

    Love spots also, that jumper is fab very like the chinti & Parker dotted cashmere ones. I have the boden spotted jumper in blue & grey, looking forward to wearing the grey one. X

  2. StyleGuile
    August 18, 2013 / 7:48 pm

    That's great – at least I know where to come now to borrow them!!! I love spots too – have to be careful not to over spotify sometimes, especially with the wellies and rain mac!

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