Mum on the Run – Bringing you my £4.99 bargain (OK it’s a slight throw back to the 80’s but it’s not quite as bad as a scrunchie – which I also bought!)

If there’s one thing I never imagined myself buying ever again it’s a scrunchie but that’s exactly what I found myself buying last week. Ahh, scrunchies – THE hair accessory of the 80’s and early 90’s. Consigned to room 101 of the fashion world ever since, they seem to be making a resurgence – at least in the world of trendy 14 year olds, H&M and Claire’s accessories.


Equally – and I can’t pretend that there’s anything even remotely fashion forward about this – I don’t think that I ever really imagined myself wearing a polo shirt again. I last wore one at the same time I wore a scrunchie – which says it all really.  I would imagine that at this point many of you will scroll away elsewhere because really a polo shirt is the staple of many women’s wardrobes but not for me.


However that all changed last week. As is quite often the case with these things, one morning I woke up and thought “Hmmm, what I really need to acquire today is a polo shirt.” Why it should happen on that particular day as opposed to any other day during the past 20 or so years I have no idea but who am I to question these things?

As it happened we were heading into town that day and I thought of the most obvious brands for polo shirts – Ralph LaurenJack Wills, Hollister, Lacoste, Fred Perry – all of which I decided were either a) to expensive or b) too far away from where we were.

The answer? H&M boys of course (sorry no link they don’t seem to be online). I’d bought two from there for our son earlier in the summer and at £4.99 a pop I knew that one wouldn’t break the bank. Whether one would go over my head (it did, just) or around me (it did, they are quite generous, mine is  age 10/12 and there’s also a 12/14) was another matter.

Whilst obviously raving about a polo shirt isn’t really going to cut it, for what it’s worth, there is a good selection of colours (khaki, royal blue, mint green, navy, coral plus a couple more)  the fit is neat and they are 100% cotton. If I decide after I’ve worn it a couple of times that it’s not for me, it can find its way into my son’s wardrobe. Equally if I love it, he may find himself a couple of polo shirts short. How terrible is that? Stealing clothes from your children. Outrageous (but if I’m honest it wouldn’t be the first time).


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