Some other Mums on the Run, wearing fabulous hats at Ascot!

Whilst I was sitting with my friend, Sally, at sports day on Friday, she received some pictures from her friend Jo, who was at Ascot, together with another friend. Although we were having lots of fun at sports day shouting for our children (some louder than others it has to be said – and yes, that included me, somewhat embarrassingly for our son although I enjoyed every minute) I think that we probably had some musings about how nice it would be to be at Ascot with a glass of something fizzy in our hands on a warm Friday afternoon. Anyway, I digress…


I’ve never met Jo (or her friend) but Sally had told me all about Jo’s outfit and the Whistles Bella (I think!) dress that she had bought for her day out. On seeing the photographs I immediately seized on the opportunity to feature Jo and her friend and luckily both agreed.


Well, there’s no point being in the Royal Enclosure if you don’t get a photo as evidence is there? As you may know, I’m a big fan of this style of dress from Whistles and Jo looks amazing in it. It’s just one of those dresses that fits in all the right places and it is so versatile that it can be worn on many other occasions.  


I just love this shot – isn’t it brilliant? Two friends looking relaxed and happy and having a great day out!

This is the hat that Jo had made to go with her outfit. It’s fantastic! Sally had told me about Jo’s peacock hat but I couldn’t quite envisage what she meant until I saw the photograph – and then it all became perfectly clear.

Jo’s hat was made at a shop close to Cardiff, which is where she lives. I’m still working on where the shop is exactly and when I manage to find a link, I will include it.

And here’s another fabulous hat, which Jo’s friend wore. It’s vintage and no doubt it has a great story to tell which would seem to be very fitting for such a traditional event.

Sadly I didn’t quite manage Ascot but I did manage Jamfest Europe today – a cheerleading competition which was held in Liverpool. The very nature of the sport, which is incredible to watch, meant that there was a lot of pink lycra, fake tan, hairspray and false eyelashes involved. And that was just my outfit. I wonder, was anyone lucky enough to witness that particular spectacle at the Echo Arena today?



    June 25, 2013 / 9:44 pm

    Looks like those girls truely got into the spirit of things! xx

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