Mum on the Run – Oooh, so what did you buy in the Zara sale? Here are my bits and bobs – hold on to your seats now!

For me sales shopping involves a little bit of searching for pieces to fill the gaps in my wardrobe, a little bit of falling in love and snapping things up (price permitting) and a little bit of seeing things and thinking “you’re just what I need in my life – how did I ever manage without you?”

When I was in Zara I fell in love with the scarf below because the colours are so unusual for me and different equals good. Quite often things jump out at me because they remind me of something else and I’ve definitely seen this combination of blue and red somewhere before but I can’t remember where, so whilst different, it also felt familiar – if that makes sense. Just to add to the madness of the colour and print, I wore it with a Breton striped jumper from French Connection.

If I had seen it, I would have been quite tempted by this leopard print neon scarf too (£15.99). A bit of neon pink, a bit of neon blue and some tan, black and cream would be a great pick me up for a classic winter coat when it is time for them to come out again – but let’s not think about that right now.

If I had a birthday or something special coming up – (hubbie, if you’re reading this, you could take the hint) I would love to add this scarf from Lily and Lionel (£100 reduced to £70) to my collection. They have a fantastic range of scarves, which you can take a look at here. It also comes in navy and tangerine and I’m a bit partial to the Wanda design too. OK, so now hubby has to read between the lines – “does she want the one featured, the same one in tangerine or perhaps navy, or the Wanda one – and if so which one.” Tricky huh?!

 OK, so hold on to your seats for this truly exceptionally, exciting piece – an anorak! I know, how amazing is that? Now this is one of those pieces that I was talking about. One that you didn’t really know that you needed in your life but now it’s there – well, how ever did I manage without it? Usually I would wear my All Saints trench or a blazer in the summer but there was definitely a need for a sensible coat with a hood amongst my arsenal of clothes to fight the elements. It was well and truly put to the test on Sunday when it was cold and blowing a gale and it easily justified its £29.99 price tag.

This year will see us holidaying in Cornwall (potential for rain, high) and Guernsey (potential for rain, even higher). True, holidaying in the UK is better for the skin than a hot holiday but I sorely needed a coat with a hood and a bit of warmth to it – and this is it. With great big pockets I can fit all my rubbish in them with ease, I can zip it up, pull up the hood and I’m good to go along the rainy, windswept beach, without the need for a bag.

I have to laugh – some of my clients are busy buying beautiful suits, dresses, cashmere knits and silk scarves and I’m buying a summer parka with a hood – brilliant!

On the way out of Zara I spotted this cut out faux leather top (£29.99) but I didn’t have time to investigate closer – ie try it on and assess the potential for sweating.

The fact that this top is actually on the Zara website, as opposed to the scarf and parka that I bought, slightly concerns me. Does it mean that being faux leather it is sticky and yucky to wear and everyone has returned them – unlike that coat which is soooooooo chic – or that they are just too cool for school so there are lots of them left? I’m kind of intrigued so if they’re still around when I next have time to shop for me, I’ll take a closer look.

Other than that I bought a plain black jumper but I’m saving that for another post – probably one from Cornwall not only in the rain but in the cold too. Ah, the perfect summer holiday.


  1. Anonymous
    June 25, 2013 / 11:52 pm

    True to the weather!

  2. Anonymous
    June 26, 2013 / 5:55 am

    Oooooh I have been searching high and low for a parka like this! My local zara doesn't have it….I am green with envy. Also going to cornwall this summer – hence the search. Any chance you could let me have the item code so I can chase it up in different stores? Hx

  3. Doris Eleanor
    June 26, 2013 / 6:34 am

    Hi Beth – we're off to Cornwall too. May have to investigate that anorak!

  4. ClaireH
    June 26, 2013 / 7:05 am

    I'm off to Guernsey too ….have my parka ready, not as nice as yours though (tempted!)

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