Mum on the Run – When is a cardi not a cardi?

Sometimes only a cardi will do. Something which is open fronted so as to show a flash of the top being worn underneath – but sometimes a traditional cardi just doesn’t feel right. Slightly dated, too work like, something like my grandma once wore, something I have owned for ages. Time for a change I think….

Don’t get me wrong, over the years I have had many cardis in my wardrobe. For a while I loved the silk ones that Jigsaw did and I had them in a whole host of colours. Then boyfriend cardis became the rage, and Zara did/does brilliant ones for about £20. Boden is fantastic for cropped cardis, either cashmere or otherwise and also for crew neck and V-neck ones in a whole host of colours.  I also had a couple of ballet wrap ones from Fat Face and although I hadn’t seen any for a while, Jigsaw has a cashmere ballet wrap in three colours.  Hobbs and Monsoon are great for boleros and Pure is one of the best for cashmere but sometimes these types of cardis just won’t cut the mustard.

So, what are the alternatives and when is a cardi not a cardi? (Yes, I know I’m winging it on some of them so is it OK if we just focus on the “alternative” part of the question posed above, as opposed to the “when is a cardi not a cardi” part?)

…When it comes in the shape of a biker jacket. Open or done up, this one from Mint Velvet (£89) is a slightly more edgy alternative to a crew neck, button up to the neck, pastel option.

….When it’s a swing cardigan. This Mint Velvet lace cardigan (£59) has a slightly boxy style and it would look lovely with just the top fastening done up. Worn over wider jeans and wedges, it would give a real 1970’s feel.


….When it comes in a soft blazer style, such as this woven slouchy front jacket from Jigsaw (£69).

….When it’s a Chanel inspired tweed knit, such as this one from Jigsaw (£198)

…When it’s floral. OK, so this one is pushing the boundaries as it clearly is a cardigan but it’s a very pretty one at that and would make a nice change from a plain one. Warehouse printed cardigan (£38)

…When it’s made of a “non-cardi” style fabric, such as this lurex linen cardigan from Mango (£29.99), which also comes in a neutral colour and has elbow patches on it. There’s also a lurex one at Reiss (£89) and a sparkly one at Jigsaw (£89)

….When it’s less formal than a cardi type cardi, such as this All Saints sago pirate cardigan (£98) which is a fixed wrap style with a draped collar in a typical All Saints colour palette ie neutral.

…When it’s just too cool to be a cardi, despite being called one! French Connection palm knitted cardigan (£75). I love this shade of blue and the seam details and different lengths make it that little bit special.

As I mentioned yesterday when blogging in the blazing heat, today we came to Wales where it is very un-hot (I know that’s not a word but it describes the situation well) and where it is very un-dry (ditto). The journey was good, with everyone going in the opposite direction to us because clearly they knew something which we did not – namely that it was un-hot and un-dry. But anyway, as I sit here blogging with the fire lit, all is well with the world and tomorrow should be better. I think….

I think that these shoes remained on for all of 30 seconds after arriving, before being replaced by boots. I’m also wearing Cos grey skinny jeans (love the fact that they come in in-between sizes) and a cowl neck jumper from All Saints with a neon t-shirt underneath. I’m confident that tomorrow will see me out in my bikini!!!!


  1. Anonymous
    May 27, 2013 / 8:57 pm

    You look amazing as ever! Hope you have a lovely time and the weather is kind. Hx

  2. The Flaky Fashionista
    May 28, 2013 / 2:40 pm

    Loved this post – such a great selection. I have the All Saints pirate cardigan and wore it to death all winter. I hope your weather improves … it's bound to! We're just across the sea from you and the sun has shone brightly all day. Enjoy the break.

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