Mum on the Run – Heading for a fall in my Ash wedge trainers

When I say I’m heading for a fall, I don’t mean literally. No, I’ll leave that to our eldest who, in avoiding something she saw on the floor at school the other day, tripped over it and then realised that it was her own foot.


What I mean is that so many of you were so complimentary about yesterday’s outfit that I know it will be a different story today. Not only am I back to the winter clothes but I am also wearing the Ash wedge trainers. A friend has just texted me to ask me whether I’ve worn them yet as she is still undecided whether to get any or not so perhaps this will help, one way or the other. Actually, as she only lives around the corner, I might take them round to her for a little try on one day soon.


The photos aren’t that great but on the positive side, the wedges are fairly innocuous in terms of colour, which suits me. I love the look of some of the summer coloured ones but I think that I would feel too conspicuous in the yellow or turquoise ones. These I can wear with navy, black, grey or tan.

For me they have their limitations in that I will only be wearing them with skinny jeans or trousers but I can vouch for their comfort wholeheartedly. I wore mine all of yesterday and all of today and they were incredibly comfortable, which is a huge bonus. I also like the extra height that they offer me.

I’ve added a couple of the other photos which I took when they first arrived so that the colours are eaiser to see. 

Having worn them and bonded with them a little, I am now hoping that I will be able to pack them away until next winter. Having been around for a few seasons now, I think that they will be here to stay and even if not, now I’ve bought the flippin’ things I will be wearing them anyway. I’ve really enjoyed wearing something that’s just a little different.


Normally I would ask here, would you or wouldn’t you but I’m not going to do that! Instead I’m going to ask whether any of you have tried anything different recently and if so, how have you got on?


  1. The Flaky Fashionista
    April 3, 2013 / 10:53 pm

    BIG thumbs up from me .. but then, I love wedge trainers. Love the fact that they give extra height whilst being really comfortable. I haven't tried anything new on the clothes front recently … being very good and not spending 🙂

  2. Nicole at Unlocked Style
    April 4, 2013 / 3:45 am

    Love! Strangely enough, am sitting on opposite side of world (Oz) wearing (for the first time) my newly purchased wedge sneakers and feeling great!!! Extra height is fab and the relaxed yet stylish vibe is even better – love your look and your blog, one of only 2 I read daily!

  3. Sharon
    April 4, 2013 / 6:10 am

    Definitely thumbs up from me! Love Ash…have a much loved and well worn pair of terms of trying something different, for me it has to be colour. For too long my wardrobe has been a palette of navy/white/black/grey…however after recent trips to Gap there are bright pink ginghams and florals…feels so uplifiting to wear something brighter! : )

  4. Applebypie
    April 4, 2013 / 9:03 am

    They are lovely on you. I got a pair of black and white leather ones in the sale after Xmas and I have worn and worn them. I love them – so comfy and versatile! I wear them with jeans and casual trousers mainly , but thats just about all I wear in the day anyway! Good choice!

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