Mum on the Run – Shappos hats – one to keep your eye on

 You know the Remington advert “I liked the shaver so much I bought the Company” well this is a case of “I liked the brand so much I decided to write about it.”

Shappos makes fantastic hats. From bright trilbys to berets, to retro style hats and occasion wear too.  Hats were once such an important part of a woman’s outfit but that’s no longer the case and many of us feel self conscious wearing hats.

There’s a great story behind the brand too, which was set up by Tom who grew up in the back room of his parent’s hat shop in Covent Garden. When looking into going into retail many years later, he decided that he wanted to fill the gap in the market between cheaply made imports and couture pieces and so created Shappos. This hat retails at £58.

I would love to wear more hats and as I mentioned in a post many months ago, I have my eye on a straw trilby for the summer, so perhaps I’m about to start branching off in a slightly new direction.

I would like to photograph this hat on a few different people to see how it works with different hair colours and lengths (I fear that I am slightly lacking in the length department) – but I am afraid of dropping it in the snow at the moment! It would also be good to style it in different ways but again the snow has its limitations when it comes to outfits.

Only today I was talking with a friend about how tired we are of wearing the same jumpers, so with the endless cold still hanging around, a trilby could be a great way of adding a little spice to your spring – OK full on winter (still) – wardrobe.

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