Mum on the Run – An article about Special Dresses from the High Street

I hope that by including links to other articles, I’m not going to get myself a repuation as lazy blogger!

In my defence the link below is to an article that I wrote and I also spent a long time in A&E this morning as we thought that our eldest had broken her foot. It transpires that she hasn’t, which is good but without sounding like a misery pants (that reminds me, I have been asked to do a post about pants!) it meant that I couldn’t achieve as much today as I would have liked.

So, here is this week’s article for Easy Living online, which is all about special winter dresses – so not specifically party dresses but not those “go anywhere style in lots of different ways” type dresses either. I’m not describing it very well am I? Maybe the best thing would be to take a look!

Have a lovely weekend.


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