Saturday Style – From £7.99 to £1,135 – a little bit of bling goes a long way

Much as I have enjoyed having some time away from wearing fancy pants clothing and accessories, it’s nice to get back to some bling.

I suspect that most of us have something hanging in our wardrobes whether it be a crew neck jumper, a plain black dress, or an evening dress which has had many outings, which could have a little life breathed back into it by the addition of a new piece of jewellery.

If you have any events coming up for Christmas, rather than buying yet another LBD why not tweak one that you already have, by having it shortened for example – and then spending some of your budget on a knock out piece of jewellery which you can wear all year round? It will work much harder for you than another LBD.

I love this H&M necklace (£7.99) which also comes in lime green. It’s a fantastic price and adds just a little bit of colour to an outfit without screaming “statement necklace.”




I have the precursor to this necklace, which I wore with a lace black dress from Monsoon for the Pavilions campaign. I wanted to add some colour to the dress and I liked the combination of the black and yellow/green together (although it showed up more in real life)! 



Equally, I wore it today in a much more casual way, styled with black trousers and grey and yellow knits. 


Staying with H&M, I like this H&M necklace (£9.99) which also comes in bright pink. It’s a great price, particularly for a first foray into something which may be slightly different. The black would be fantastic over a black jumper – tapping into this season’s trend for mixing different textures of black together. Equally, it would look great over a hot pink or bright yellow jumper, whilst the pink would add interest to a black/navy/grey top or knit.




This pretty Zara gem necklace with bees (£19.99) has lots of lovely blue and green shades in it, which make a refreshing change from pinks or neons as accent colours. Also great for anyone who has a particular affinity for bees!



I thought that this Zara art deco necklace (£17.99) was a lovely piece.  With the potential to look much more expensive than it is, it would make a great talking point. Again it would look fantastic worn in the evening with a silk shirt, skinnies or wide leg jeans and heels, or in the day time with a simple knit, jeans and ankle boots.  



This Lulu Frost Sandra necklace (£150) is part of the fantastic collaboration by Lulu Frost for Whistles. It’s such a beautiful piece which also has an art deco feel about it. This one is possibly more a special treat or for the Christmas list, as opposed to an addition to your basket whilst whizzing round the shops one lunchtime but who am I to say who should buy what and when?! I would love to hear from anyone who saw it, fell in love with it and bought it on the spot!



 Now I’m not really a dangly ear-ring kind of girl, instead sticking to diamond studs from my husband but if I were to branch out (which I should) I would head for these Lulu Frost Sandra ear-rings (£70). Again part of Lulu Frost’s collection for Whistles, they are real beauties and would certainly pack a punch to a plain and simple outfit.  




Given that I am doing a post on bling, I thought it right to include some serious bling, both in terms of size and cost and this little number from Erikson Beamon (£1,135) from Net a Porter certainly satisfies both of those criteria.


Being such a fantastic piece, I think it deserves to be worn with nothing other than heels and a fur coat! (Fake, of course.)






  1. Lula Belle
    October 27, 2012 / 7:18 pm

    I love a statement necklace, it finishes anything from a LBD to jumper & jeans. This is one accessory item that I can't seem to stop buying. I liked most of the pieces you have picked. I also saw a lovely purple and navy one in Coast, which took all my will power to resist!

  2. Thea
    October 27, 2012 / 7:39 pm

    Oooh – the Erikson Beaumon one is FAB, but I can't imagine spending even a tenth of the price :-(And Beth, I'm so very happy that you suggest fake rather than real fur! Maybe, like me, you remember the Lynx anti-fur campaigns of the 1980s…? 😉

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    April 26, 2013 / 5:50 am

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